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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Know Your Enemy. What is A Zombie?

The way 2020 is going, with wild fires, locust plagues, presidential corruption, police brutality, protests, riots and everything else, I would not be at all surprised if we ended this year in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. 

With that in mind I think it would be a good idea if we spent a little bit of time getting to know our enemy and looking at, what a Zombie is.

First of all, that zombie in front of you is not Your Uncle, Auntie, mother, father, Nana, brother, sister or your best mate. The zombie in front of you is an infected shell of the person you once knew, that person, I am sorry to say is dead.

That zombie in front of you has no memory of you, does not know you or care who you are, to the zombie you are nothing more than a walking happy meal.

Whats more, zombies do not feel pain, guilt or remorse, driven only by instinct, it will not stop until it is munching down, on you.

They do not fee the need to sleep, do not feel fatigue and to not tire, when an undead is chasing you down they are not going to get the same burning sensation in their legs, they are not going to get a stitch in their sides as that lactic acid starts to build up in their muscles, they will not stop chasing you until they are either killed, eating you or have switched to chase someone else.

Its not all bad though, there are a few things that we have in our favour, such as..

Zombies lack fine motor skills so can not open doors or window or climb ladders. Instead they will revert to sheer brute force and numbers to just break through them. 

If you are unlucky enough to have to go toe to tow with a zombie, because they dont have fine motor skills, they are unable to use a weapon. They can only use their hands to grab at you, getting hold of any loose or hanging clothing (or hair), dragging you towards their mouths and their main weapon, their teeth. So if you are carrying a close quarter weapon such as an axe, a hammer or a knife, then you have an advantage over them.

With this in mind it is a good idea to make sure that you have no loose straps on your bags and, if you have long hair, tie it back.

Zombies ca not swim either but this does not mean that you can take cover or escape one of them by jumping in a river, if there is any oxygen in their bodies they will float, also, because zombies do not need to breath to love the can just walk into the water, regardless of how deep it is and just keep walking.

Remember, take care of your self, prepare for the worst, hope for the best..