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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How would you survive?

When you hear the word "Apocalypse" or "apocalyptic, what pictures come to mind? Zombies? nuclear war? Solar flare hitting the Earth or coming too close? Although I agree that you would be right to think about any of the above, what about if the National Grid where to go down? I mean off line as in power supplies to the whole country going off line? I dont mean for just a few hours, power could be out for 24 hours or even a few days, weeks or even longer. Global or National loss of electricity is only one possible scenario, there are many possible ways that SHTF, heat wave, arctic blast, pandemic, human error, stock market crash to name a few.

For the sake of this post I want to talk briefly about a loss of power, something that we all take for granted. We get up in the morning, get washed in warm water and put the kettle on, maybe make some toast while listening to morning radio, If the Grid were to go down, long term, we would soon become totally lost, no TV or internet, no mobile phones (Mobile networks are run on electricity), the food we keep in our fridge freezers would defrost within the first 24 hours 48 if the grid were to go down in the middle of winter.

The checkout tills in our shops as well as their freezers would not work, no light, no heating. Literally no power anywhere, unless youre lucky enough to own a generator. How would you survive?

What would you think if I were to tell you that there are people all over the world who spend their time preparing for just such an eventuality. They call them selves "preppers". Maybe the first thought that pops into your head is that these people are just paranoid, survival nuts who spend their time building huge arsenals of weapons while storing masses of dried food and water in underground bunkers.

You could not be further from the truth, especially if you consider how in 2018 England was hit by an arctic storm named "The Beast from the East" which literally brought the whole country to a stand still for days, roads were impassable as the temperature dropped to -25 degrees C. Now, if you consider, we have winter every year and yet we, as a country seem to be totally unprepared for it, yes we could have a mild winter but then again, like this year, we might not.

Then there is America, America has had a horrendous few years with extreme weather conditions, as hurricane after hurricane hit them, New Orleans is flooded and much, much more..

Some of these preppers are getting ready for the coming winter and the possibility that this winter could be so bad that the grid does go down, might just be for a couple of days, but it could be longer, We could be only one disaster, away from the structure of society as we know it today, breaking down and if this were to happen, how would you prepare, should SHTF as preppers call it? Are you ready?

Saturday, 23 June 2018

There are Monsters Out There...

It is late in the afternoon of a beautiful warm sunny day, there is hardly a cloud in the sky and the streets are deadly quiet. There is not a single child to be seen in a street filled with young families.

Earlier today, I stood in the middle of a street and looked round, taking in a desolate landscape. You would be forgiven if you were to think that you had accidently walked onto a set of the movie 28 days later.

It wasn't like this last week, or even two days ago. Kids were out on their bikes or playing football outside of their front doors. But not now, not after yesterday.

See, yesterday morning a young girl was followed on her way to school by someone in a white van. When she stopped, the van stopped. When she started to panic and walk faster the van moved faster, following her as she made her way along the street.

In a panic she turned and started to run, the van turned round and follows her.

It wasn't until she started screaming in a panic as she ran past a group of parents taking their kids to school, that the white van picked up speed and left the street.

I have no idea if the little girl went to school that day. I do know that she didn't get taken by whoever was in the van.

The thing is, the street where this happened is the street I live on, the school.. the school is literally 4-5 houses away from where I live and all this happened at the same time as I was taking my 8 year old daughter to school.

Parents in my street are on a high alert now, we watch every van that passes along our street.

Our children are within eye sight, in our back gardens where no one can take them.

We see things like this on a weekly basis and we always think, "That poor child, I bet his/her parents are worried sick, so glad it's not me".

We think of the parents in Mexico who have had their children taken from them because they crossed into a new land looking for a better life and we think "So glad that isn't me, I have no idea what I, we would do if that was us".

Yesterday it nearly was one of us and yesterday it was too close to home, the monsters were in my street.

Advice time: It doesn't matter how old your children are. Tell them, if they are followed or they think they are being followed. Run, run to school, back home, into a shop and tell someone.

If your a kid, yeah I know you think it won't happen to you and I know you think you can deal with it. But it could and you might not be able to deal with it. It nearly happened to a little girl on my street yesterday. The little girl is 9 year old.

Luckily she will be able to celebrate her 10th birthday at home with people who love and care for her.

Some are not so lucky.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Alien Life On Earth. A Theory.

Not everything post apocalyptic has to be zombie orientated. What happens if we were to be invaded by aliens from another planet?

On that note, what would you think if I were to tell you that I believe that there is alien life on other planets?

Let me prefix this, not only do I believe that there is life on other planets but I also believe that there is a very big "possibility" that, that life could be on this planet and moving among us, freely on a daily basis.

Before you click away from my blog, I do have a theory about this.

See, things on this planet, my phone, my cup of coffee (the cup any way) are a solid. They are a solid because at a molecular level they vibrate at a very slow rate. As an example, lets take an ice-cube. An ice-cube is solid water, it is a solid because at a molecular level the water molecules are vibrating at a slow rate.

But, if we were to heat the ice-cube the molecules would start to vibrate at a faster and faster rate until they start to separate and become water again. Now, if we were to continue to heat the ice-cube the water would turn into steam as we all know, and then vapour at which point it becomes invisible to the human eye.

This is where my theory comes in.

What happens if there is an alien life form that at a molecular level, can vibrate at such a rate that it becomes invisible to the human eye?

Hows that for feeding Human Paranoia?

Friday, 27 April 2018

How to put on a Gas mask.

"Taking you one stage further in your survival training".. as my old Territorial Army seargent used to say, We are going to look at how to put on a Gas mask or respirator.

Giving the current global climate, the new cold war we have looming on us, what is happening in Syria as well as the apocalypse, having a Gas mask and knowing how to put one in is going to be a required skill.

Not only will will this knowledge protect you from nuclear and biological/chemical warfare but it will also come in handy for those times when foofoo the dog drops one of his noxious farts on an unsuspecting room.

With this in mind, I will be showing you how to put on your gas mask, Let's move on.

In the event of any of the above scenarios taking place, take a deep breath and hold it.

Take hold of the gas mask by the straps with the face of the gas mask facing down and pull the mask over your face and head.

Check to make sure that the straps are not twisted and the mask is secure around your face.

(Note: That manly beard you have been growing could create gaps between the mask and your face, giving Foofoo's fart or any other toxin access to your face and lungs).

Once the gas mask is secure around your face, breath out fast, shouting "GAS, GAS, GAS" this will clear any toxins or dog fart out of your mask and will also serve to warn others in your area of the threat. If, however there is a possibility of Zombies, Aliens or gun toting apes hearing you, a sharp exhale will do the same job.

As with all survival techniques and training, practice makes perfect. The faster you can correctly put your gas mask on, the safer you will be in the event of a chemical attack or nasty pooch pump.

Let me know how you get on

iJim 😊

Friday, 20 April 2018

How to Survive The Apocalypse.

It has finally happened, the apocalypse is here and you're sat thinking, "OK, What do I do now? How am I going to survive this"?

Lets cut to the chase shall we, the first thing you are going to have to come to terms with is that it has happened, this is not a video game, there are going to be no cashes of ammunition and guns lying round in random places and no, there will not be a fully stocked first aid kit in every other house you go into, your survival depends on you and you alone, there will be no respawn and no do over.

What ever the reason for this total shit storm of an apocalypse, whether it be a man-made nuclear winter we have just walked into, Zombies, Monkeys, Alien invasion, what ever it is, we need to get the mind-set that we need to Just Survive Somehow and we need to get it as a matter of priority.

Luckily I am here to give some advise on getting through the first few days. So here we go..

The Basics.
First thing we need to do is gather a few things together, Water, Caned food, blankets, medical supplies or a first aid kit if you just happen to have one, Sun glasses (No honestly, there is nothing worse than the sun being out and you not being able to see because the sun is in your eyes, there could be anything coming over that hill, and you wont be able to see it and you need to be prepared for that, even if it is not sunny, even if there is 25 gazillion feet of snow outside, snow blind. Sun glasses could be a life saver, they are not just to make you look good.

Your going to need some kind of weapon, personally I would go for a weapon that is light and will make no noise what so ever, a hammer with a good solid metal shaft, a hatchet with a metal shaft and handle or a machete.

baseball bats are OK but the wooden ones will tend to break in a pretty short amount of time if it is used often and an aluminium one will bend. Guns are out of the question because of the noise they make, even if you were to fit them with a silencer, ammo is finite and will run out. Adding to that, I live in England which means I don't have hunting stores on every other street corner.

A bow and arrows or a Cross bow, yes they are cool, and yes we could go all Daryl Dixon, they are quiet and we could make our own bolts or arrows but, you would have to be a bloody good shot to hit your target in the head and you will have to hope that the bolt does not break on impact. This is real life baby not an episode of The walking Dead.

I personally would go for a good strong pair of boots and clothes with pockets, lots of pockets, cargo pants, and a combat jacket or sorts, yes, you might end up looking like an Action man but it will be well worth it as you need to carry stuff around with you and you need to get to this stuff fast.
If you get that nasty booboo or paper cut on your finger you are going to have to get a band-aid as soon as possible, so what better place to have a small first aid kit or a couple of nastyplasts than in your pocket.
The next thing you are going to need is a bag to carry your gubbings around in, at this point I feel I should point out that the more stuff you put in your bag, the more stuff you will need to carry so Travel light!

Misc Items.

A wind up torch, having the best battery-powered torch in the world will be useless once the batteries run out and even a solar-powered torch requires sun light to charge, what happens if your stuck underground for days on end? Your super torch wont last more than a day or two. I would recommend this torch its tough, waterproof and can be either solar or crank charged.

Dont laugh but one of the most basic items you will need is a tin opener, you have no idea how important this little beastie will be, imagine a few weeks into the apocalypse, you're hungry and you happen across a tin of food but you don't have a tin opener, damn it. this affiliate link you can get two can openers like the ones in the picture for £5.50 inc postage and I get a nice little kick back as well).
I would highly 100% recommend getting a few of these tin openers pictured on the right, you can get them from any Army surplice stores as well as most decent camping shops, they are also available to order on line, they are small, light and can easily fit in your pocket or on a key chain (Heads up, if you click

It would also be advisable to make sure you have a sewing kit and fishing wire with you. You never know what you will need to repair and when. The last thing you will want is for one of the straps on your bag to give way.

Mobile phones. Chances are that the mobile phone networks will either be flooded with people trying to contact loved ones and family or they will be down so a mobile phone is your choice. If you feel that being able to play that last game of snake will keep you from giving up on everything then yes, go for it but, once again your phone battery will die at some point and you cant guarantee that your charging block will last for ever. You should also remember that carrying a dozen charging blocks for your phone will take up space which could be used for a more important item.

Finally we should talk about shelter. If said apocalypse is not a man-made one (Nuclear) then your next priority is shelter, you are gong to need somewhere safe to come back to, somewhere safe where you can hide until the crap blows over or those Aliens or zombies have moved a couple of blocks down the street.

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks advises that your own home is the first best place to stay. If you do choose this option then you should disregard staying down stairs, gut the ground floor, barricade the doors and windows and stay on the 2nd floor, he also advises to destroy the stair case to make it harder for anything to get up to you This I would leave to you, its your choice, me personally, I would leave the stairs as is.

My priority would be shelter, food and weapons but not necessarily in that order.

Good luck and remember, noise travels further at night time.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Thoughts

Warning! Spoiler Alerts.

The end of last week saw what AMC called "Survival Sunday with the end of season 8 of The Walking Dead with "All Out War" and what a finale and the start of season 4 of the Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead.

For me TWD season 8 saw the "Ricktatorship" start to crumble as Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) slowly started to lose it after his meeting with Negan (J. D. Morgan) and the Saviours in Season 7, his group started to do their own thing regardless of what the plan was supposed to be. Maggie (Lorran Kohan) took control of HillTop and Carol (Melissa McBride) joined King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in The Kingdom and things stated to go pear-shaped in a very bad way, especially for Morgan (Lenny James) who, as season 8 marched on started to revert back to the old Morgan pre big stick.

With the death of her husband in season 7 Maggie has shifted her focus to the people if Hilltop and their best interests, something which we could see happening for a long time.

The division among Ricks people is even more evident as Maggie is seen telling Jesus (Tom Payne) that her plan is to rebuild Hilltop while making its people stronger so that she can show Rick that keeping Negan alive was a big mistake.

But Maggie's plans to overthrow Rick and kill Negan was not the biggest surprise, that title would have to go to Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) siding with Maggie and Jesus, thus showing just how fragmented the ranks among Ricks people truly are.

As a side note, this move also leaves the story line open for Daryl`s possible demise. Yes, I know all about the "Daryl dies and we riot movement" but let's face it, Daryl Dixon was and is not part of Robert Kirkman`s The Walking Dead comic.

To end, in my opinion the award for best character portrayal has to go to Lenny James and Morgan and his fight against hordes of zombies, Negan and the saviours as well as his own demons which, as S8 progressed became more and more of problem for him, to the point where, after telling Anne Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) that she should not be alone, she needs to be with people, going on to tell her that he, on the other hand does not need to be around people right now.

By way of coming to terms with his demons, Morgan feels that he should be alone, this way he is less likely to attack a friend, thinking that they are a threat because of his hallucinations.

Those who can't bear with The Walking Dead being Morgan free don't need to worry as he will be meeting up with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her people in Fear The Walking Dead in the upcoming season which from what I hear will spend a lot of time focusing on Morgan and what happens to him between leaving The Kingdom and meeting Madison.