The Family

I have chosen not to use the names of my family in my post's. It was a decision that was made when I first started to write a blog and now, over 12 years later I still think that my wife and I made the right choice.

However, I get that sometimes I will need to include one or more members of my family in a post that I am writing. With this in mind I have given each member of my family a code name to protect their true identity, after all they did not choose to have a Dad who writes a blog.

The iJim Family

My Wife: My Wife (obviously).

M.I.A 1 & 2: My son and daughter from a previous relationship, I have long since lost contact with them. (M.I.A = Missing In Action).

The Eldest: My eldest daughter who now has children of her own.

DT 1: My eldest son, gamer and cider fan.

DT 2: 2nd eldest son, gamer and fitness fanatic and cider fan.

DT 3: Youngest son, gamer and Batman and Star Wars Fanboy.

DT 4: My youngest daughter, gamer, cat lover, writer of Left 4 Dead fan fiction and killer of zombies.

The dogs: We have 5 dogs, all of them are rescue dogs.

The cats: We have 3 cats, none of them are rescue.

The Tortoise: We have 1 tortoise, loves to eat flower tops and climb trees (Tortoises are well known as expert tree climbers, ask Pepper Pig).

The parrot: Squarky, bitey little parrot.

Snek: DT2's pet snek

iJim: Me, husband, dad, blogger and rescuer of tortoises who are stuck up trees.


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