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Hi, iJim here, so you clicked the about me page which means only one thing. You want to know who or what I am. Well, where to start.

I am Jim or iJim, I am a huge horror and Scifi movie fan, huge. I am also a bit of a monster lore nerd, I just hate it when movie creators get basic monster lore wrong or are just too lazy to research things properly.

The Twilight Saga as a case in point. Vampires do not sparkle in sunlight, they burn or explode and die and no, they do not posses a magical artefact which helps them walk in the sun. They just dont.

I am also a huge zombie fan, if there is a movie or TV show which has zombies as part of it, you can guarantee I will be watching it or making plans to watch it.

This is where the i in iJim comes in, the i stands for infected, thus infected Jim.

As well as being a huge horror fan I am also an instructor in the Army Cadet Force, a big outdoorsy person, a husband and father to 4 wonderful children, five dogs, three cats, a tortoise and my son's pet snek.
I am also a Prepper.

About iJim Radio (The Blog).
I set this blog up years ago, at first as a personal blog where I posted things about my day to day life, or about things that had peeked my interest at that time.

My "old" blog posts have been moved to an archive blog which I have called The iJim Archive. I didnt want to delete them, they are memories of  things I have written in the past and a kind of story line of where I was then, and what my thoughts were over a decade ago and where I am today.

Where am I today?

A while ago I realised that the world as we know it is a fragile place, a place where we can not rely on our governments to bail us out, should things go wrong in a big way.

That, we need to do our selves by preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best.

iJim Radio is a place for my Wilderness and urban survival posts as well as posts on how to stay alive in a post apocalyptic world.

Where do I see iJim.co.uk in 5 years time? To be honest, I dont know, ask me in 5 years time if anything that I have posted over the last 5 years was planned.

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