Thursday, 16 January 2020

What Motivates Me?

I want to change the direction of
For the most part my blog has been a personal blog of sorts, a place where I jotted down my thoughts and ideas.

Ok, maybe the words "change of direction" are the wrong words, let me put it s different way.

As you know I am a huge horror fan, I also love the outdoors, I have dabbled in prepping and have an interest in bushcraft.

For the past few month I have been working on my fitness, getting rid of the visceral fat and all the other fats which I have managed to build up after years of eating what I wanted while having the momentum of a slug with a bad foot.

So, here's what I want to do, here's my motivation.

I want to write more and do more things related to bushcraft and survival. I want to get into shape.


Here's why, let's go with the worst possible scenario, something which for the most part is unlikely to happen but, it's still there, in the back of your mind.

What if the world as we know it came to an end tomorrow? Alien invaders, zombie apocalypse, EMP, what ever you want.

Society as we know it has ended, world government's have collapsed, we have woken up to world without a rule of law.

You get where I'm going, I want to base my bushcraft skills, my urban and wilderness survival skills, my workouts and fitness on this idea.

Going back to when I was in the Army reserve's we would train for the worst possible scenario, anything less than that was thought of as easy or easier, because we had trained for much worse.

So if I were to base my fitness plans and my wilderness skill sets on the idea that I'm training or in the worst possible scenario..

The question is, "How is this going to be my motivation"?

It's pretty simple to be honest and something I have used a few times in the past when I honestly could not be arsed to do something or was so tired I did not have the energy to finish a task or do those last 25 push-ups.

If I was in the middle of a grid down situation or some sort of apocalypse, I couldn't just stop or not do this thing, I can't stay in my bed and think,

"Nah, I can't be bothered today"

I would have to do it

Problem is, we as a species have become lazy, for the most part we will naturally take the path if least resistance, we like our lives to be comfortable and we like to get things with a minimum of effort.

We shop on line, hell we can even have our tea cooked for us and delivered to our door, all we need to do is get up of the couch, go to the door, pay for it and take it from the delivery person.

I want to shake that up.

I want to be the hero in my own movie and the only way to do this is the hard way, I accept that it will not be comfortable,  at times I will ache, be so tired that I can hardly stand but still have half a day to get through. 

If I was in a grid down or post apocalyptic situation, I would not have the option to just sit for a while or leave that thing until later because I can't be bothered right now, so why not get used to "pushing through it" because it needs to be done now mentality today.

If I get used to it now, if I wake up to that worst case scenario tomorrow, it won't be a shine to my system because, well, it's what I am used to.

That is what I want..
Question is, What do you want?

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