Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Would You Let Your Kids Have Energy Drinks?

Tell me, what are your thoughts on Energy drinks?

I have a kind of love hate relationship with them

A few years ago I was at a point where I would be drinking the stuff regularly, almost daily I think.

I have stopped now, and hardly if ever touch the stuff

The reason why I want to talk about energy drinks again is because a few days ago I had just nipped out to the local shops and I passed a guy and his son, his son must have only been about 5 maybe 6 years old if that and this kid was clutching an open can of energy drink.

I swear I could not, I was in a state of shock,

I didnt say anything to the guy who was with this kid, Im assuming he was the kids Dad but he looked like the type who talks with his fists if you know what I mean.

Is it just be, My kids don't even get fizzy pop on a regular basis never mind energy drinks,

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What ever happened to getting your spawn a carton of juice or ribena if they started with the “Im Thirsty” routine, why a can of energy drink?

The little person drinking the can is a freaking kid, they have infinite amounts of energy, hell they dont need to have itheir energy levels topped up, they wake up on full tilt

Can you imagine the crash this kid will get when that can wears off?

I don't know, what do you think about this?

So right now I am trying to cut right back on all stimulants, you know, coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks so that my body can get used to getting its energy the natural way,

I eat a relatively healthy diet, I exercise and I drink plenty of water and try to go to bed early-ish

If we were to wake tomorrow to find our selves booby deep in a zombie apocalypse and we had to bug out and try to get to the safe location set up by whatever government organisation has been set up to handle the crisis,

You know that safe zone which is invariably either never there or has already been wiped out.

What are you going to do?

Grab your go bag some food then nip to the shop because energy drinks man, I need my caffeine hit just to get through the day,

Of course your not,

Youre going to grab a bag and throw a few things in it and youre going to leave, taking the backroads and side streets because we all know that the main roads and streets are going to be chock full of people in a mild state of freak out.

You know that the chances are high to.. Oh look there they are, that the zombies are already on their way because someone has laid on an all you can eat buffet

Meanwhile Mr Knuckle dragger and his tweaked out 5 year old son are looking for that half empty can or red bull that junior forgot about because something shiny

Lets put it like this

What are you going to do when you are making your way to that safe zone or the next one and the caffeine withdrawal headache hits you


You're carrying a huge backpack, have a screaming kid in tow who is crashing because he hasn't had an energy drink today and a dozen flesh hungry zombies on your tail and now you get a caffeine headache!

Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that we need to quit drinking coffee, tea and energy drinks, hell i still have the occasional can of what ever energy drink is available when Im feeling run down and still have a good few hours to get through before I can rest.

What I am saying is that Kids, especially small kids are like little pocket rockets, they have an excess of energy, if we could plug those little buggers into a power grid we would have enough power to light up a small town.

They dont need energy drinks, its like buying a long haired German shepherd a false fur coat, you wouldnt do it, they dont need it.

I dont know, would ou let your young spawn drink energy drinks, if you would, leave me a message or a comment letting me know why, Im interested in your thoughts.

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