Saturday, 10 November 2018

Why I Wear A Mask.

OK I want to just jump right in and explain what is going on with the mask and why I have took down all my YouTube videos where I am not hiding my face, so before people start asking why or making up reasons why, like, its a KSI Cosplay! (I never even knew KSI wore a mask in his fight with that Logan kid), or he was disfigured in a car accident, nose job gone wrong or he is just ugly as hell, has a face like a bull dog sucking pee off a nettle. There are a few reasons why I have gone back to hiding my face and the latter are not any of them.. well maybe the last one.. but the main reason is for my kids..


Here in the UK prepping and being a prepper is still seen as something that paranoid, weird people do, my wife and children know that I have a YouTube channel, have a couple of podcasts and write a blog, I don't want people who go to the same school as my kids to know that, that person taking about prepping or Alien life on Earth is their Dad, I also don't want some of the subject matter I talk about to effect my wife and the job she does or the way other kids interact with my kids, they didnt choose to have a Dad who makes videos and blog posts about horror and the apocalypse, that was my choice.

People have a habit of assuming that just because a persons husband/wife does something then the chances are that their partner will as well, which is not always the case.

Next, at the time of writing this I am out of work, yes, I am unemployed but I am desperate to get back into work. I do not want some of the things I post on my YouTube channel or on my podcast to influence any prospective employer or cause me any problems once I do get back into work should anyone find out.

The next reason is more of a prepper “Grey man theory” reason. If my YouTube channel was to gain any traction and become popular, I want to still be able to walk down the street without anyone knowing that “I” am iJim, that guy who has the outdoor and prepping channel and podcast. Should we find our selves in a SHTF situation or if the UK crashes out of the EU in March next year I don't want to have some kind of paper trail where people can see and recognise me from the internet (which has happened a few times) and know that I have been stockpiling food and water. I know that it probably wont happen, but it might happen.

I would rather be known for the things the guy in the black skull mask says, not the things I say, if you know what I mean. I have been playing the YouTuber game for years now, starting my first channel at the start of April 2012, I haven't really gained any ground since, however, I have noticed that since I have stopped appearing in my videos, my videos have started getting more views, which is a good thing as this time I honestly believe that I have something of value to say.

It sounds corny as hell but I think Bane said it best when he said “No one cared who I was, until I put on the mask” That is how I kind of want it to be, people interested in what the mask has to say, not the guy behind the mask.