Friday, 26 October 2018

What To Do With Your Preps

So, you have been stockpiling food with a long shelf life and water for a few months now. You have also been working on getting gear for your bug out bag as well as your EDC and you think you have everything.

You are reading every book, PDF and website you can lay your hands on, on the subject of Wilderness and urban survival, bushcraft and foraging, your passed your first aid course top of the class and have started a self defence class.

Not My Stockpile
This is all awesome news, you have been working hard, well done you!

Now that your Bug out bag is ready in case an emergency happens and you need to evacuate, what are you going to do with it? Leave it in the cupboard under the stairs, ready for a SHTF situation?

Lots of preppers have their bug out bag ready just in case, just sat there, doing nothing, this confuses me no end.

Why would you go to all the effort and expense to put a bag together and never use it.

Get your bag out, empty it, check your gear is in optimum condition, replace and look to upgrade some of the items in it (if your finances allow).

Go out camping, even if it is just for one night. This way you will get used to the idea of grabbing your bag and taking to the hills, so to speak, get used to using your knife and axe. Practice building shelters and making fire.

As I said in an earlier post, "Knowledge is Key", it is no good having all that gear if you dont know how to use it, so get your gear out and actually use it, get used to how it feels, you never know, the axe you got last month might not feel right when you use it, it could give you blisters. With a slight modification it could be perfect... or it could need replacing.

Get your gear out and play with it, actually use it. Feather sticks, feather more sticks, practice and practice some more. Make a fire in the rain, if its windy, get out and make a fire in the wind.

Years ago I was a reservist in the British army. My regiments unofficial motto was "Train Hard, Play Easy". in short, train and practice in the worst possible environments, the pouring rain, howling winds and heavy snow. If you are unlucky enough to be caught out in a SHTF situation in these conditions, you have practised and trained yourself in them so you know what to do. Anything less than God awful weather, half way up a hill is easy.

To end, get used to rotating your stockpiles and preps, if those cans of soup are getting close to their use by date, use them and replace them. It would be a nightmare to find that half your food stash has already passed its use by date when you need it.

Practice making fire, finding and purifying water, building shelters and the rest of it, get used to your tools and how your bag feels on your back. Remember: It is better to fail now when you have time to get it right and modify your gear then fail when peoples lives depend on you getting it right. 

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