Friday, 7 September 2018

Your First Best Weapon

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brookes says that your first, best weapon in a zombie apocalypse is you, your body and how you use it to defend yourself.

Yes, we all know that the zombie apocalypse is for the most part a fantastic story which has an almost zero chance of happening, yet some Preppers view it as The Worst Possible Case Scenario, and a bit of an inside joke at times.

What ever your views on the zombie apocalypse, what Max Brookes says about your first best weapon in a SHTF situation being you is 100% accurate.

A well toned and trained body has the ability to get you out of all kinds of trouble. It can carry heavy loads over miles of rough ground, it can protect you from danger, both natural and man made, it can climb steep hills and it is waterproof.

Your body truly is your first best weapon in a SHTF situation.

With this in mind you should get your body into optimum condition, starting today, you should get to know your weaknesses and strengths, building on your strengths and working to fix your weaknesses.

These is no need for a special diet and training system, all you need to do initially is to use more calories in your exercise and daily routine than you are consuming, this way, once your body has exhausted all available calories it will start working on fatty tissue to sustain its self and give you the energy needed to do what you need to do.

Exercise and move more, the more you move the more calories you will burn, remember that the average human uses less than 40% of his or her potential, it might feel like you are at 90% or so in your workout but trust me, youre not, you still have a lot more you can give, when exercising, exercise until your sweating, then exercise more, if your not building up a good sweat then you should work harder.

Cut out junk food and candies, you dont need them and above all, as the Canadian Prepper would say, go to bed hungry. When you are sleeping, your body is hard at work repairing its self, this takes energy which your body takes from any calories and sugars still in your system. If you go to bed hungry your body will tap into your fat supply.

Actually, the Canadian Prepper can probably explain this part better than me, its the technique he uses and the technique I am starting to use. Watch the video below.

As well as the above, you should learn a martial art or some kind of self defence, learn how to fire and clean a fire arm or crossbow and learn what you can and can not eat if you are caught out in the wilds.

Learn as much as you can about first aid, Bushcraft, foraging, learn how to repair your gear.

Don't say you will try to loose weight and eat a healthy diet, you either do it or not do it.

Put your bug out bag on and go for a run or a long walk, get used to the weight on your back. I know, at first walking 10-15 miles with a 50 lb pack on your back will hurt, but in time it will feel like part of you, to the point where you can easily put another 10-20 lbs in it and not feel any difference.

The idea is to build up your strength and stamina, with strength you will be able to carry more, lift more and if you use a bow for hunting pull the bow string further back and for longer, building your stamina, will help you can walk, run or just move for longer, remember that 50 lb pack you have on your back, you will be able to walk or even run a greater distance while carrying it. 

There are probably a lot more you can do and learn while building up and maintaining your first, best weapon. 

Good luck.

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