Saturday, 1 September 2018

Security In Numbers?

In my last post I talked about what "could" happen in a total grid down situation. I have to admit, I was rather surprised at how dire the situation played out, but its not all doomsday and Armageddon, not if we are ready for something like this happening.

One of the first things that we need to do if we are going to survive this kind of scenario is get rid of the lone wolf, bugging out and living on our own in the wilds mentality. I have noticed that some preppers have this lone wolf, solitary hero mind set, where I have my preps, my food, water and my bug out bag for when things go tits up, so I will bug out to my first safe location and stand on the horizon in my tax gear and gasmask watching the world burn. A few people have commented in their videos and blogs that we have this idea of bugging out into the sunset and the whole romanticism of living alone in the woods, just me and my bug out bag. Maybe this stems from some Hollywood movies where the hero saves the world and/or his family all by his self.

This is not the case, it would it be incredibly difficult to live like this, especially if you're not used to the physical demands it would take, let alone be able to survive on a day to day basis like this. This is why most preppers view Bugging Out into the woods as a last resort, all else has failed plan. Yes, we do do bug out dry runs, we practice and practice everything we might have to do time and again until it becomes second nature, bugging out, starting a fire without matches and everything else.

More and more preppers are looking at community to help get through a SHTF situation, talk to your neighbours, get to know them and their skill sets, If the grid were to go down, you would hope that your neighbours would help if your house were to be raided, just as they would hope that you would do the same, after all, once their house has been emptied of food and water, your house will be next.

Banding together as a community not only offers security and protection against marauders and gangs bent on taking everything you have worked hard to gather, it also gives access to a lot more experience, and knowledge, you dont know, maybe that old guy two doors down grows his own veg and that lady with the dogs that bark at the slightest noise just became a security system. 

If your neighbourhood is anything like mine all the houses have joining back gardens/yards, why not take down the fencing that borders each yard and make one large area, not only will this give would-be thieves and looters less places to hide while they scope out your house but it means that your neighbours can reach your house fast, and you theirs in times of trouble. It also gives you extra wood and wire to fortify the fronts if your houses (remember, when boarding up your windows to board up from the inside, not the outside).

Work together as a team, pooling your resources, your experience and your knowledge, start communicating with other small communities who have done the same, there could be resources or skills you could trade. 

If we start talking to our neighbors today we will be more likely to get through tomorrow if the grid goes down, permanently.

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