Friday, 24 August 2018

Bug out bag or Inch Bag

Have you ever had one of those moments when a thought pops into your head and you think "oh wow" and you start asking people and you don't get an answer?
I had one of those moments this week and yes the thought was prepping related.
See, one of the first things a new Prepper looks at is creating a bug out bag or Bob, your Bob is personal to you and your needs, designed to get you through your first 72 hours of a SHTF scenario if you have had to leave your home because it is no longer safe to stay there for what ever reason.
There are a few different kinds of bags that Preppers can put together.
We have your EDC bag (Every Day Carry) which carries the things you carry every day, wallet, keys, phone, folding knife, etc.
Your Get Home bag, which you carry with you all the time or have in your car incase something happens and you need to get home in a SHTF environment
Your Bug out bag, which I described up above.
Then you have your Inch bag (I'm Never Coming Home bag), this is the bag you prep for the worst case scenario and contains everything you will need to be able to survive in the wilderness or in an urban environment in what I would call a post apocalyptic or SHTF environment where you are constantly on the moving from place to place or looking for that one place were you can safely put down your roots and start over.
The thing is, as a Prepper you are preparing for the worst case scenario in your area, anything less than worst case scenario will be covered, you will be ready for it.
My thought was, if we are getting prepared for the worst case scenario, why, if we have to bug out, am I only taking enough for 72 hours?
What happens if, after 72 hours give or take a day or so, instead of being able to return home, I have to move again, further away, say to our 2nd or 3rd bug out location, what would I do if after a few days I can't go home and I have to start looking for a start over location or just go nomadic?
It was this thought that has, to a greater or lesser extent made me revaluate my bags and the things I put into it.
Not my bag
What I want to do now is upgrade my bug out bag into an inch bag of sorts so that if the worst came to the worst (and god knows I hope it doesn't happen) I will be able to grab my bag and have everything my family and I need to go nomadic should the need arise.
Of course I am taking into consideration the needs and bags of the rest of my family who, depending on their age will have standard bug out bags with maybe a few added extras. One of my son's likes his hunting and getting out into the wilds so obviously he will be able to carry things which his little brother and sister would not carry.

But this is still in the planning stages, I still have preps to source and bags to buy.
Question of the day. If you are prepping for the worst case scenario (I am assuming that you are to an extent) what changes would you have to make to your Bob, if you found out that you could never go home?

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