Friday, 6 July 2018

The Survivor. Relaunched

About 25-30 years ago I had an idea for a post apocalyptic horror story involving a free-lance photo journalist who, while on his way home to Scotland for the summer, wakes up to find himself in the middle of an alien invasion.

Last year 2017 I started to write the story, but never really got it rolling out so to speak. This was until I started to write it in a first person narrative style, where the main character Carter, is the narrator.

The story layout has been changed a few times now. In August last year I started to write it out in short 4-5 minute episodes with the idea that they would be recorded as an audio series and uploaded to a website called Vidme, the site isn't around any more.

After a few months of not doing anything with the story, I looked at it again and managed to see why I got stuck, it was the aliens, I didn't connect with them. So this week I started to rewrite all 12 episodes, I know that it sounds harsh, until you consider that all I had to do was change the type of protagonist from alien to the much-loved (and misunderstood) zombie.

This week I sat down and recorded the first five episodes, about 30 minutes worth in total and I am loving the process so far, I can see a future for Carter as he tries to get back home, as well as what ever adventures he has after that..

So far I am planning to have at least the first 13 episodes recorded and ready for upload to the YouTube as a video and then cross posted to my podcast host who will pull the audio from it and release it as a podcast I want to hit this target before my kids break up for their summer holidays, which is around the 25th of July, about 2 weeks away.

If I can do this then I will have 6 weeks where I can sit down and start working on the next set of episodes over the holidays, ready to be recorded in September, October this year.

You can listen to the first episode, called First Contact below and if you have a mind to, you should be able to download it as a podcast from the likes of Google, Stitcher, iTunes and the like..