Thursday, 26 July 2018

Prepping On A Budget

One of the main things that will put a would be prepper off apart from the lack of knowledge is the expense, prepping is so expensive.. No, its not, prepping on a tight budget is just as easy and in my opinion better.

Bear in mind that most of what I say in this post is my opinion.

You don't have to go out and buy everything you think you need in one go, most people will have different prepping needs, as an example, I live in England and my needs will be different to that of a Prepper in America or Canada.

Your main purchases as I see it would be your bug out bag, which should be big enough to carry what you need, food, water, first aid kit, survival kit, axe, knifes, fishing gear etc, etc, etc, remembering that the more you pack, the more you will have to carry. You should also look into buying a good knife (Top tip, get a knife which is "full tang" this is where the knife blade goes all the way through the handle), as in the picture below 
Not My knife
Full tang knifes can handle a whole lot more abuse than a standard knife. Thats about it as a start anyway.

If you plan to "Bug in" which as I said in my last post is always your first best option, then your priorities are stockpiling food and water, again, this does not have to be an expensive affair, just a couple more tins of beans or soup, white spaghetti and rice (brown rice and pasta still contains oils which over time will cause it to become spoiled) and water on your weekly shop.

Of course you should also stock up on medical supplies such as band aids, bandages, pain killers and diarrhoea tablets, etc, sewing kits, para cord, something to light fires and something to sterilise water. Remember the rules of 3

Rules of 3
You can live 3 minutes without oxygen,
3 hours without shelter
 3 days without water,
3 weeks without food.

Someone once told me that if you have three weeks worth of food and only two weeks worth of water, then you only have two weeks worth of food. So Water and shelter should always be your priority, after that, everything else will fall into place, if your prepared.

Again, the above list does not have to be bought all at once, if you have access to clean fresh water from a local stream then you could easily bottle that (I would still sterilise/boil it before storage though, just in case), you can build your preps up over weeks.

Should your bug in base (home) become unsafe then you will need to grab your bug out bags and move to your bug out location which you will have already found and made a start on prepping, and get ready to start living off grid. Again this does not have to be an expensive affair, slowly build up your tools and supplies.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube made by people who spend a lot of their time living off grid, these videos are a mine of knowledge and should be watched. Learn how to hunt, set snares and fish without a rod, make a fire without fire lighting equipment. Get to know which wild plants are safe to eat.

Practice living off grid, maybe start with one night and slowly build it up to a weekend away, tell your kids if you have any, you`re taking them camping. Over time you will come to know which tools you need for your circumstances, save up a bit of money for that axe and saw, some tools you can even make yourself.

Get in shape If you smoke, quit! I know, I know someone else saying stop smoking but look at it like this, it will save you money, it will improve your health and if SHTF you can't be wondering where your next cigarette is going to come from, you have other more important things to think about.

Start running, you dont need to be sporting the best running shoes in town, hell, I run in my Dr. Martin boots some times, just run long enough and hard enough to build up a good sweat and then to the point where you think you cant go on, then a little bit more, we only ever reach about 20% of what we are really capable of doing, saying that, dont run or exercise to the point where you cause yourself an injury. Work on your core strengths and stamina. We are not training to be in the next Olympic games, we are just getting into shape.

If you drink a shit ton of coffee every day, cut down, get down to one or two cups a day, then only a couple of cups a week. The last thing you need is to be in a SHTF situation when that caffeine withdrawal headache kicks in.

To end, if I were to give only one piece of advice to anyone taking those 1st steps into becoming a prepper I would say, look for prepper websites and forums, check Facebook and other social media sites and ask questions, ask all the questions you can think of, you will be surprised at how many preppers there are out there, and how willing they are to offer you advice on just about everything.

Dont try to do and learn everything at once, you will probably become overwhelmed and become stuck, not knowing what to do or where to go next, prep for maybe a weekend without power, once you have all your prep, food and water stocks to last you a weekend, prep for a week, then two weeks, a month and so on.

Baby steps and good luck.

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