Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Why I Like ZNation More Than The Walking Dead

When it comes to Zombie TV shows top of the list has to be the comic book adaptation The Walking Dead by AMC. The story of once police man Rick Grimes and the struggle for survival he and his people face on a daily basis. The Walking Dead is filled with zombie action, good plot lines and excellent character development, coupled with a strong narrative which drives the whole show into its 9th season come the end of 2018

With that kind of write up why is The Walking Dead not sat at the number one spot in my Top 10 favourite TV shows? More over why do I prefer The Asylum`s ZNation? Especially when you consider how I prefer a more serious Horror over ones with splashes of comedy and trust me, if you havnt watched ZNation yet, it does have moments where you sit and wonder what you are watching and what was going through the script writers head when they came up with that scene and to prove my point, see the clip below

Truth is, it comes down to the production team, the crew and the cast. Dont get me wrong I know that both groups are equally as crazy busy making excellent Zombie shows for TV, but it feels to me as though the cast and crew of ZNation have more time for their fans.

Even though the two shows are Zombie related there is a mile of differences between the two, as an example, TWD is a serious show and it is not unusual for me to be left on the edge of my seat full of fight or flight by the end of an episode, as does ZNation, but, I can also be sat thinking "Geez, what was Murphy thinking"? or "Crap, I cant believe Doc said that to...". Yes, I know that if youre in the middle of a zombie apocalypse cracking a joke is not high on your things to do list but, if you have been in said apocalypse for over 4 years then yes, there are times when you will say or do something so silly or dumb that those around you raise a smile and ZNation shows this.

I have lost count of how many times I have tried to contact a member of The Walking Dead team and have had no replies and trust me I have made a point of trying to make relevant comments on as much of their social media activity as I can, on the other hand I have had almost full conversations with some of ZNations production team as well as some of the cast.

Doc on Twitter

This to me means a lot, not just for the fact that these people are taking time out of their busy days to acknowledge something that I, a fan, have said or made for them, but it also helps to build a connection with the character that they play. No one wants their favourite character to become a human happy meal, especially when that character is played by someone you have connected with outside of the show.

Maybe if the cast and crew of The Walking Dead did spend some of their time chatting with their fan base I would feel a bit different, but right now they don't, and The Asylum and Znation do and that is why I prefer them over AMC and The Walking Dead to the point where I would and do search out and actively watch other shows and movies made by The Asylum.

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