Sunday, 29 April 2018

Should I Start Uploading To YouTube Again?

Last Thursday I joined with nearly 100 parents from my town as we descended on my youngest son's school for the annual Parent/Teacher evening. Hated and feared by kids the world over while their parents give that sly "Now I get to see what you're like at school" grin to their young ones.

As it happened the evening went very well and even managed to throw in a few unexpected surprises.

One such surprise was from my son's Technology teacher, the same teacher my son did not want me to see. He told me that she is scary and no doubt would have something bad to say, she shouts a lot and is super strict. Needless to say as he tried to walk in a different direction, I made a beeline for her table and sat down in front of her.

Much to DT3's surprise she smiled at him and asked why he didn't want to see her. As my son stumbled across the words to say why he didn't want to come over, I jumped in and just told her the truth.

"Because he thinks that you are a scary teacher".

Funnily enough his technology teacher was not at all surprised by my comment, replying..

"Oh (DT3) I am lovely, a big softy. The problem is we have 4-5 children with rather big personalities who need to be kept in check, I am an old school teacher, been doing this for over 35 years and I don't go with pandering my pupils. You, on the other hand, if I had a class full of people like you, you would see a different me".

Unfortunately my son went a deep shade of red and didn't quite know which direction to look in.

Parent-Teacher Night

This was only the first surprise that my son had in store, Yes, there was one more waiting for him.. and me, and that came from his Religious Education teacher. Needless to say his teacher was more than happy with his progress and how he worked. The surprise came when his teacher turned to me and said..

"I am a very open-minded person and have to say that I do like the videos that you upload to YouTube and I look forward to watching your next instalment".

On this occasion it was not only my son who had problems finding the right words to say, especially since I have taken most of my videos down.

Thing is, my son's 'RE teachers comments have got me thinking, should I re-upload them again?

It would give me a lot to write about as I fill in the back stories behind them.

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