Wednesday, 25 April 2018

I`m Going Dairy Free

Last year I found out that I have Ulcerative colitis, in a nutshell, the auto immune system in my gut, the system which attacks foods or substances which it deems to be a poison or a threat has decided to attack random pieces of food which are not a threat, like that bit of lettuce or that chunk of cucumber. Because of this I have to be very aware if what I eat and drink, which leads me onto why I am doing what I am doing now.

For the past few months I have noticed that I am feeling very bloated and gassy after I eat certain foods, mainly dairy products. When I have researched the possible reasons for my bloated fartiness the possible causes could be one of the following.

  • My small intestines are having problems breaking down the A1 protein found in most dairy product's (Thanks small intestines)

  • As part of my UC I have developed an intolerance to the sugars found in dairy products (lactose) where they can not break the lactose down into its separate sugars.

  • Or.. My Ulcerative colitis has been upgraded to Crohn's disease. Needless to say that I am hoping that it is not the last one. I can do without dairy, even if it does mean that my usual cheese sandwiches and pizza with have to stop, hell come the apocalypse my chances of snagging a deep pan pizza with mushrooms or a cheese sandwich are going to be almost zero.

The Zombie Survival Guide mentions that the first and best weapon to master is your self. Know your strengths and your weaknesses, then work on fixing your weaknesses and for the next few weeks this is what I am doing.

On Monday I stopped eating all dairy products by way of seeing of my fat bloated belly goes away. If it does then I will know that I have issues with one or more of the above. After a couple of weeks I will maybe drink a glass of milk and if my bloated belly comes back then I know that I have issues with either lactose or the A1 protein found in it and I go dairy free for good. Well it's either that or I get bloated and alert that horde of Zombies just round the corner by farting.

Question: If you had to give up dairy what would be the one thing you would miss the most, or if you are already dairy free what was the one thing you found hardest to do without?

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