Saturday, 10 March 2018

Why Blaming Video Games for Gun Crime is a Flawed Argument.

Why am I not in the slightest way surprised that Donald Trump and his merry men have, after an infinite amount of research came to the conclusion that the reason America and probably the rest of the world is nipple high in gun crime is because of video games and the violence involved in some games.

Of course the first game that came to my mind was Grand Theft Auto, or more over GTA Vice City, I played the ass off this game and as a result I found myself in the middle of a Shopping centre with a katana in one hand and a semi automatic rifle in the other (incase you didn't get the undertones of sarcasm, the above few lines did not, ever happen).

What Trump has failed to take into account is that there is a huge amount of military and war themed games on the market, there are also a plethora of sport, football/soccer related games on the market. Yet there has not been a huge increase in people joining the army because Meddle of Honour or wanting to be a pro football player because FIFA.

Blaming violence on video games is a flawed argument and an easy cop out for those who can not be bothered to research the problem in hand properly or who lack understanding of said problem in hand. It is a mindset that people who have been given power over others but do not possess the intellectual capacity to properly research a situation, instead they go for the quick blame what the kids are doing so that we look like they have a solution.

We can see this mindset in the witch trials of the middle ages when innocent or "weird" misunderstood people were singled out and accused of being witches by way of having an answer to why farmer Jones crops failed last year or why the country is riddled with plague. Instead of looking for the actual reason they look for a scapegoat as the answer to the problem.

We saw the same in the 1950's when Rock n Roll was the reason for all the ills in society.

Back to the point, what Donald Trump and his cohort of witch finder generals have failed to see is that, research has shown that children who play games have better hand eye coordination and better, faster problem solving skills than those who do not "game", they are also faster at weighing up a situation before making a decision, not to mention the social aspects of gaming on line where people don't even consider the gender, race, religion or sexualities of the people they are playing the game with.

OK, statistics time. Note: I did not make or research these stats, someone else who thinks that blaming video games for violence and gun crime is an unfounded argument did.

Ed Krassenstein pointed out that we can see the flaw in this argument if we look at the sales of video games against the amount of gun crime whennwe compare game sales v gun related crime in two if the biggest gaming countries on the planet, as we can see in the above image which I copied from a post Mr. Krassenstein made on Twitter. We can also see how gun crime has actually fallen since 1990 in the graph below, taken from research done by the PEW Research Centre

This information was gathered with very little effort but what it does show is that blaming gun crime and violence on video games is not a valid argument and that the answer is somewhere else, I propose that the reason or one of the reasons been are having so much trouble with violence and gun crime in our world is down to a major flaw in our society. A society which bases a person's worth on how the look, their faith, sexuality and their "Net Worth" instead of seeing a person as an individual and excepting that individual for who they are. I also blame violence and gun crime on a failing mental health system and a critical malfunction in gun control, a set of laws and standards which are over a century old.

The world leaders we have today need to step down from their ivory towers and take a long hard look at the world, all of the world, not just the parts which can turn a profit or can get them elected for another term.

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