Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Russian Involvement. Where`s Your Proof?

On March the 4th 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found collapsed in a shopping centre in Salisbury,
Later the prime minister confirmed that they had both been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent called Novichok which means "New comer" in Russian, and refers to a string of chemical weapons which Russia developed in the 1970`s
At the time of writing this, this is the only evidence that the UK and US have which links Russia to this attack as the prime minister said that it was "highly likely" Russia was involved.

Theresa May said the substance must either have been used in a state attack, or have got into the hands of an individual, in which case Russia had "lost control" of the agent.

So, what is Novichok?
Novivhok chemicals are an "Ultra fine" powder and is thought to be one of the most deadly nerve agents ever made, it is desemminated as in powder form rather than as a gas or a liquid or vapour.

They and we refer to Novichok as They as it is a group of chemicals not a single thing,

they can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin and acts by blockiing this "acetylcholinesterase" an enzyme which is active in the nervous system resulting in involuntary contraction of all muscles, leading to cardiac arrest and asphyxiation.

Is there an antidote?
Yes but but it needs to be administered as soon as possible The problem is it can take time to diagnose that a nerve agent has been used.

Does it contravene international law?

Yes Novichok is "highly illegal", "extremely powerful" and created to avoid detection, says Mr Oppenheimer.

Significantly, several of the novichok chemicals are so-called binary weapons - with two non-toxic precursor chemicals that can be mixed prior to use.

This makes them safer to transport and handle and there fore could have easily been brought into the country if concealed properly.

Thats it, There is no other evidence as to whether Russia was involved in this attack.

Theresa May told the Commons her Government has concluded it is "highly likely" Russia is responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The PM said the attack, using a "military-grade" nerve agent, fits a pattern of Russian aggression and said Russia's ambassador to the UK has been summoned to explain what happened.

She said: "We will not tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil."


I have included links to this information in the description below if your watching this on YouTube as well as on my website if youre listening to this on a podcast

This is me now, my opinion on this mess

We see again that Teresa May has accused Russia of involvement in this attack using only the fact that Russia created this weapon. which in my opinion is all kinds of flawed, it is supersition,

at best it is a scientific, wild arsed guess at who is responsible. At the time of writing this, as far as I am aware there is no video or surveilance footage of the attack being made. bearing in mind that the UK has surveillance cameras on nearly every street corner.

No whitnesses and no, zero, nada forensic evidence To Date to point the finger at Russian involvement.Accusing Russia of attacking Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia because they have history is ridiculous,

Mr Skripal had been pardoned and released in a swap, attempting to kill him would be a brazen move - "against all rules", according to Russia expert Andrei Soldatov.

If we are going to go down this route we might as well say that I was involved in the looting of Lidl in Swansea with a building site digger

As I posted on Twitter earlier this week, accusing Russia of involvement is a dangerous game.

If we are going to make these accusations we need evidence, a timeline, taped phone calls.

We need receipts showing who did it, how and when.

By the time this hits the internet the deadline for Russia to make a statement will have passed.

My advice.

Get evidence, irifutable evidence that is 100% legitimate and can not be disproven before you take your next step. This is not a small backwater country yor playing with. This is Russia, a Super power.

No, I am not saying that Russia did not do this, I am saying where is your proof that Russia did this?

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