Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Russian Involvement II Still No Proof

As the British government continues to shout about Russia's involvement in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal on March 4th 2018, a large portion on the British people are now asking where the governments evidence for these accusations are.

Over two weeks have passed and the evidence is coming in and it is damning. The problem is that the evidence is pointing a little closer to home than Teresa May would like.

Russia is still adamant that it had nothing to do with the poisoning where as the small Animal virus research lab who first confirmed that the nerve agent used was Novichok has gone very quiet, very quiet, even when asked if they had access to this agent. Of course I am talking about The Pirbright labs in Surrey. The same laboratory who had absolutely nothing to do with the outbreak of Foot and Mouth in August 2007 and never sold off 300,000 units of antidote for the same virus only months before the outbreak. Nope, I remember the post I wrote about how they had nothing to do with that.

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Pirbright Labs[/caption]

Of course it does not look at all suspicious that not even two weeks after the Skripal was poisoned PirBright just happened to get notification of a £48 million cash injection to "further their research" Source

It is also not at all suspicious how a doctor who helped treat Skripal and his daughter has not been infected by one of the worlds most deadly nerve agents or that two weeks later and we still dont know how Mr. Skripal is getting on. Hey, I want to send some flowers and a bunch of grapes, make him feel better.

When I was searching for evidence or a word on the condition of Mr. Skripal I found an article by The Guardian News Paper who were commenting on how 21 people to date have been treat by medics as well as this statement from the Home secretary
Earlier, the home secretary, Amber Rudd, described the use of a nerve agent in a busy city centre as “attempted murder in the most cruel and public way” as pressure on the government and police for answers continued to grow.

One of the most deadly nerve agents in the world is used in a busy city centre and only 21 people are effected. Oh, by the way Guardian News Paper, Novichok is not a gas, it is an ultra-fine powder.

OK, I know I am going all conspiracy theory on you guys but to date this is what has happened. Pirbright labs refuse to comment on any questions asked, except was Russia involved? Then they get a £48 Million deal. considering the type of weapon used we dont have a lot of victims and no casualties.

No one has considered the fact that since the creation of Novickok, a lot of former soviet states have broken away from Russia or that it is possible that someone, working against the Russians could have brought the recipe for the agent to England or even carried it out of Russia or one of its break away countries in its non binary state. The problem is, no one knows or, if someone does know, they are not saying.

I know it is all speculation, but at this time my speculation is holding more water than Teresa May pointing the finger and saying They did it because they do stuff like this, this is how they work.

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