Saturday, 17 March 2018

Katy Perry kissed an American Idol Contestant! What Really Happened

The media has been going crazy over footage of Katy Perry kissing an Americans Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze without his permission. Screaming that this is sexual assault and abuse as they decry the #MeToo movement sweeping through the western world right now. I have to admit that the media is doing a sterling job of whipping up cries of "This is abuse" from the public, which we can see from this video which has been circulating the social media world thanks to Now This News.

[video src="" class="size-full"]

Yes, I agree it is plain to see that the American Idol contestant was not expecting Katy Perry to kiss him on the mouth. However, the video of Katy Perry has been taken out of context, cleverly edited to make us the public think that this is a case of sexual assault and she should face the consequences for her actions. That is, until we see a video with Benjamin Glaze, the contestant who was on the receiving end of Katy Perry's kiss.

[video src="" class="size-full" data-temp-aztec-id="91c9325a-8d89-45a4-bb6a-8cdf0aa2f136"]

As we can see, Mr. Glaze was well aware of what "might" happen, right up to the point where what might happen, happened.

We can also see how, as Mr. Glaze points out, certain, crucial parts have not been included, how he was asked if he would like Katy Perry to kiss him, how he knew what could happen. We can also see how the media has edited this footage in such a way as to make everyone think what they want us to think. Once again, the truth has been manipulated by the media. I can't help thinking that the main reason for this blatant act of public manipulation is to try and cast a shadow on the #MeToo movement and to somehow damage Katy Perry.

Receipts have been found. Katy Perry is innocent if these accusations and the media has been outed as liers who are trying to make the public think what they want is to think.

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