Monday, 19 March 2018

Getting Fit at 50?

I know I have said that I am gong to do this a million times and a million times I have started doing it, and stopped. But, after last nights tea of a small doner kabab, no salad and plenty of garlic and chilli sauce I was made to suffer. Feeling bloated and over weight is a day to day thing for me these days, but this morning was the last straw. I felt sick and by sick I mean ill. All I could taste was last nights tea and it took all my time to not throw up while I was making pack lunches for my wife and kids. even now at nearly 1pm in the afternoon I am still not feeling 100%.

This is it, this time I am going to start loosing weight, or at the very least my belly and I am going to start getting fit. Now I am not talking Jim is Ripped, though I do want to get toned, I know that there is a six pack under that flab somewhere I just need to find it. Whats more I know it can be done as there are blogs and videos all over the internet proving that it can be done.

I have every reason to do this and no reason at all not to do it. Now I dont plan on joining a gym, I am Jim, iJim. I plan to use my own body weight instead of going out and buying expensive dumb bells. I know that at the moment I can not run if my life depended on it, so I have dusted off my bike and plan to cycle everywhere. If I go to the shops or into town I will cycle there. No more getting the bus. I am not a heavy drinker so cutting back on alcohol wont be an issue and I dont smoke.

My main pitfall is my eating habits. I am a creature of habit and find it ever so easy to form new ones, especially where food is concerned. Chocolate, biscuits, cookies, cake and most types of junk and fast food will have to go. I know that the only thing stopping me is me, I just need to keep reminding myself of the benefits. I will look and feel a lot better, both physically and mentally.

All that being said, being 50+ and ripped would be kind of cool...

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