Friday, 23 March 2018

Fighting Temptation

At the time of writing this post it is 6.50 am on a Friday morning, why is this important? My wife has had to go into work early today which meant a 5am wake up call, we`re usually up for around 6 in the morning on a week day, but that extra hour is turning out to be a killer.

I have had two cups of coffee already, made breakfast for my wife, prepared everyone's pack lunches and I am fighting to stay awake, I didnt have a good nights sleep last night and I am starting to feel it. In the next 10 minutes I will be waking everyone else up and will fall head long into the school run routine.

The problem is, I dont eat breakfast, just the thought of putting food into my mouth first thing in the morning makes me want to throw up. This means that as the day goes on I will start to get hungry and given that I am tired now, unless I get a second wind or some kind of miracle energy boost, I will only become more tired which means that I wont want to make lunch or tea later on today or I will be so tired that I will make silly, meal spoiling mistakes.

This is where the temptation will start, I could grab a burger for lunch or even just open a packet of biscuits (cookies) and call that a meal (I have done this in the past, dont judge me), then later tonight I could go to the fish and chip shop or order in a take away. That would be so easy and require minimum effort from me. I cant expect my wife to start cooking when she gets in as she is in exactly the same boat as me, except she will have spent nearly all day in a classroom full of under 10`s.

Don`t get me wrong, I know I am going to have off days and times when I will eat that burger, I dont plan to stick to a rigid routine of healthy eating and exercise, if I do that then I am dooming myself to failing in a very big and unfluffy way. I want to give myself a fighting chance and succumbing to temptation this early is not something I want to do, saying that, I dont plan to have a day where all I eat is junk, while justify my 3rd packet of biscuits by telling myself that it is just an off day and I can get back to a healthy lifestyle tomorrow.

I have Plantar Fasciitis which has already made improving my health and fitness levels that bit more difficult as going for a run to burn off that lovely salted caramel muffin is not an option, instead, I plan to cycle at least two to three times a week. I want to get a pannier rack and bag set for my bike like the one pictured above, for those times when I need to go into the town to pick up a few bits. I dont want to be making all these plans and spend money on things that I end up not using because I am too busy saying that I will start my healthy eating tomorrow or on Monday.

Update: Its just coming up to 1 in the afternoon now, I have had three large mugs of coffee and I`m feeling bloated and fat. The good news is, so far I have not succumb to temptation in the form of chocolate, biscuits or any junky non healthy foods and I am pretty proud of that fact, although earlier today I did realise that one quick way to boost my energy levels was to have an energy drink, the good news is I resisted.

I have also come across a podcast about Health, nutrition and fitness called Scientific, Nutrition Update by Bennett Tomlin which I am gong to have a look at or at least bookmark until my concentration levels are back to normal, which, is a good time to end this post as tiredness is starting to take over. I`m going to have tidy up while listening to the above podcast and then try and lay down for half an hour.
Regards iJim

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