Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Cleaning My Stretched Ear Lobes

About 15 years ago I decided to stretch my ear lobes for no other reason than I could. I have always had small to non existent lobes and, I dont know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It took about 12 month for me to stretch my lobes to the size I wanted, 00 gauge or 10 mm. I didnt want to go any bigger than that.

Of course, me being me, I did little if any research into stretching my ear lobes and I certainly didnt look into how to clean them. I thought you would clean them the same way as you do the rest of your body.

I could not have been ore wrong..

If you dont clean your tunnels and lobes at least every other day, they start to itch and smell. I have 10mm surgical steal tunnels in my ears which I need to take out and clean every two to three days. The outside of the tunnel can get a build up of what I can only assume is sweat and skin which needs to be cleaned regularly to stop infection and the smell.

[caption id="attachment_2102" align="aligncenter" width="499"] 10 mm Surgical Steal Tunnels[/caption]

How I Clean My Tunnels And Ear Lobes. 

Every few days I take my tunnels out and clean them down with baby wipes for sensitive skin (I am a Dad so having wet wipes around the house is as natural as sun in the desert).

I make double sure that I have managed to clean all the dirt from them so that they look brand new again

Once I have cleaned my tunnels I leave them to soak in some disinfectant for a while, while I start cleaning my lobes. Again I use baby wipes to do this, cleaning the outside of my lobe and the inside. I pay more attention to the inside.

Once my ear lobes are all nice and clean again I rinse my tunnels under warm water and pop them back in, its that easy.

I have heard some people say that you should use baby oil or moisturiser on your ears as well, but to date I havnt. People say that you should use baby oil or moisturiser on your tattoos as well but I have never done that either (unless I wanted my tattoos to look sharp and bright).

Would I advise someone to stretch their lobes? hell yeah, go for it as long as you know for sure that they will not get ripped and that your Mom, Dad, Boss and/or teachers are cool about it. All I would say is dont rush it, take it slowly or risk having a blowout where your lobe rips which, will probably require a trip to the hospital.

  • One more thing, if you do stretch your lobes, or already have and you`re thinking about letting them heal or getting rid of them all together (depending on how big you have stretched them), you will have 2 options.

  • Get the loose, stretched skin cut away and the wound stitched up. This will require surgery.

If your hole is small, say 10mm or less just stop wearing your tunnels or plugs, but, your lobe will never fully heal to the point where no one will know and you stand a very good chance of your lobe looking a lot like a cats butt.

Regards iJim :)


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