Wednesday, 21 March 2018

41 States Of Shame

Gay Conversion Therapy

Flicking through Twitter this morning I found a tweet by Daniel Newman which really shook me up, not because I have been through this, but because this is still a thing, this is still an acceptable practice. Daniels tweet linked to an article in the NYTimes which gave an account of someone who had been through Gay Conversion Therapy by way of curing his Bisexuality. Link to Article.

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The article talks about how someone who had recently came out as Bisexual had over two years of "counselling" where he was told that his faith community rejected and did not recognise his sexuality, how he was the abomination that was talked about in Sunday school and that he would end up getting H.I.V and AIDS.
that I was the only gay person in the world; that it was inevitable I would get H.I.V. and AIDS.

The counselling sessions did not stop there, he was also bound to a table and had ice, heat and electricity applied to his body while being forced to watch gay people holding hands, kissing and having intercourse.

The above is only one persons story. With 41 states still allowing this barbaric and medieval practice to exist there are literally thousands of people every year are being tortured by way of curing their gay.

What really burns my arse is that, it is 2018, we are able to talk to people on the other side of the planet using a small box in our pockets, we have self driving, intelligent cars and drones. We put a man on the moon and a vehicle on Mars and yet there are still people out there who think that being gay is a lifestyle choice, a disease which can be cured.

For those of you who do think this, let me set the records straight. Being gay, bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, gender fluid, Intersex and all the rest.. are not diseases, this is not something which can be cured, being gay is not a lifestyle choice, how many times do I have to say that a person does not wake up one morning, pour their coffee and decide, I am gay or I am going to put my blue cardigan on today and I think I will be gender fluid, no, I want to be non binary.

These are not choices, being gay is genetically coded into our DNA and can not be cured. A gay man can not become heterosexual after a couple of years of therapy and if this is how you think, or you think that I am wrong then please, set me up with a therapist who can change me from being a white hetro male to a black hetro male. See, it is not possible, what I am asking is beyond the realms of therapy because I am genetically white, it is what I am, just as being gay, bi or what ever else is beyond the realms of therapy as gay people are genetically gay and no amount of conversion therapy will change that. Ever. It is 2018, wake up.

To end I would like to point out that being gay is not a crime in Europe, the UK or America. let me repeat that, being gay is not a crime in Europe, the UK or America. It is not an abomination and is not against gods will and if you want to quote the bible to prove your point I suggest you look a little closer to home, and the the amount of openly gay or closeted gay priests there are in our churches.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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