Friday, 16 February 2018

The Hunt Is Over

I have been trying to find a way to embed my podcasts to my blog for around three days now and have for the most part been failing on an epic scale.
I don't want to only use because there is no fast way I can upload the audio to them from my phone and let's face it, there are going to be times when a person just can't get to a computer fast enough to get that important podcast on air.

Yes, I could live stream that news breaking event to YouTube but that would take up way too much data and lets be honest, YouTube is not a podcasting site, yes I could have a slide show or even a static image with my commentary like the one above, but it still isn't a podcast, it is a video an MP4 in my case and an MP4 is not an MP3 or a M4A it is a video and a totally different listening experience. For one, you can't download and MP4 it and listen to it on your podcast app or RSS feeder, even if  you can, a video is not a podcast.

Anyway, I am ranting and this is not one of those posts. This is a nice post a post about how, after three, well two and a half days of trying to figure out how to embed the podcasts I make on I succeeded.

Short Story Time;
About four years after I started this blog I had the idea that I wanted the people who read my posts to be able to listen to what I had to say at a time that was convenient for them. Unfortunately, the technology to make this happen was not available, or at least not available to me, eventually I stumbled across YouTube which, did make it so that people could listen and watch what I had to say which in one way was better but in another way worse because I got all tide up in making YouTube videos and being a YouTuber,

I forgot about my blog and making it so my blog readers could listen to my posts instead of having to read them. I forgot that I was a blogger, someone who wrote blog posts about how I saw the world.

Three years ago (2015) a small company called Anchor was born in a small apartment in New York, they had the dream of making podcasting available to everyone, and making podcasts as simple as making a phone call.
Last week I found the Anchor app and, the company that some people have called The Audio Twitter.

I have played with this app and its website for about a week now, spending two and a half days trying to figure out how to embed the podcasts I am making and uploading to Anchor to my blog. This afternoon with the help of Ilean Smith a YouTuber, Podcaster and all round social media guru, I finally managed to make it so that people who read my blog can now listen to what I have to say and not have to move away from, you could even watch and listen to what I have to say if you wanted to, but that would be via YouTube.

My podcasts have their own RSS feed now and can be found on iTunes, so that you can listen to them when and where you want to.

I feel like I have come full circle with this as I am now more active on my blog than I have been for a long time and if I am honest, I have to thank and Ilean for this.

Thank you.
The Hunt is finally over.

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