Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How Vidme Closing Down Is Effecting Me

On the 1st of this month (December 2017) dropped the bombshell that it is closing down, in a blog post written by Co-founder Warren Shaeffer. you can read the full post here. Shaeffer went on to say that Vidme will be deleting all videos and accounts as of the following 15th, giving fifteen days for creators to download any videos they want to keep. vidme 1
How does this effect me?
At first I admit I was close to devastated at the news, Vidme had become a big part of what I do, with the exception of the occasional video uploaded to YouTube, I had stopped uploading my vlogs to all video sharing platforms, except for Vidme so where was I going to go next?
It took a couple of days for the news to sink in to the point where I could sit down and read the blog post Shaeffer had written properly, taking in their reasons for closing down, I now understand and am OK with the closure, not that I have any choice, its going to happen whether I want it to or not and as I am not in a financial situation to bail them out to the point where they could be a viable alternative to YouTube, I need to just deal with it.
And deal with it I am, the Vidme community have banded together to make sure they don't loose touch with each other, creating discord groups and websites to keep in touch, (it was the Vidme community which in all honesty made Vidme what it was in the first place and the fact that they chose to stay together after the closure of their/our website announced its closure is a testament to that community).
I, on the other hand have chosen to stay on the outskirts of the community, maybe I am still reeling from the news of Vidme`s closure, I don't know. I don't want to have to look round for a new video sharing platform to upload my vlogs to, so have decided to go back to what I know, YouTube.
I have been uploading the videos that I shared exclusively on the Vidme platform over the last few days and will continue to do this until every video I had uploaded to Vidme is available on YouTube.
Don't get me wrong, I am not all about YouTube again, it is a place I can upload my vlogs to and that is it, for the moment. I don't 100% trust YouTube or the direction it is going in, I don't like the new trick YouTube has of deleting accounts without warning or reason either, not that I can see my YouTube channel ever being deleted in this way, I don't upload anything which could be seen as such a heinous breach of YouTubes Terms of service, so I cant see this ever happening, saying that, I am backing all my video's up on a site called BitChute a P2P video sharing site, just in case.
So, how do I feel now, 13 days after the announced closure of Vidme and two days before the Vidme servers are wiped clean, purged of all content?
I don't know, I know I have a lot of work to do to get my YouTube channel back on track after nearly 6 month of inactivity, I know that I will have to work harder than I have in the past if I am going to get anywhere near the amount of subscribers on YouTube as I had on Vidme, but I think I am ready and at least this time I know that the people who choose to subscribe to my channel are real people with a vested interest in the content that I make and are not fake accounts, bots made to follow my channel by way of boosting it to make my site and the platform my channel is hosted on look good.
To end, Vidme, if your reading this, finding out that my channel had been boosted by yourselves with fake accounts and Bots hurt me, a lot. I would rather never have reached 100 followers but know that each of my followers was a real person who was interested in what I was saying, than have the 1800+ followers you handed me, only to find out that 80% of these followers were not real and didn't care about what I uploaded, if I uploaded anything at all.

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