Sunday, 5 November 2017

I dont have creators block

I don't have creators block at all, in fact I have lots of ideas for vlogs and videos i just can't record them, not just yet.

With our kitchen being in a none existent state, three kitchen unit carcasses and a fridge, that`s it. No water, sink or anything else. Last week we had the flooring put down, this weekend with any luck we are having the work top and sink put in place and next week, tiling, painting and cupboard doors will be done, with any luck.

With all this gong on I can't settle down and record much of anything, too much noise and the workmen don't want to be filmed, yes I said work "men", too gender specific? Not really when you take into account that the people doing the work are men, male.

I share my home with five dogs, no I have not gone off subject, these dogs can and do bark, they will bark at any unexpected noise which makes recording anything almost impossible.

The good news is, once all the work has been done and the kitchen is finished, which can't come fast enough. I will have a nice new, uncluttered kitchen to record some of my videos in. I get the best light in the kitchen, I don't plan on making food or cooking video's. I have tried that in the past and couldn't get away with it.

Do what makes you happy.

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