Friday, 8 July 2016

Thoughts On Dallas

This morning I had planned to get my four kids off to  on making a video about getting organised and off to school/college, that was until my son turned the TV on and we all watched in silence as the news showed footage of the sniper attacks on Dallas PD during a protest march raising awareness of the fact that "All Blacks Matter". After watching what was and at the time of writing this possibly still is happening (I have turned the TV off) I couldn't continue with recording my video as I had planned, not with what was happening.

As I say in the video I made another video after the Orlando shootings saying that All life is sacred, yet we still need to play god so to speak. 
From what I have heard the shooters in Dallas were shooting at the Police, last I heard  five have been killed, murdered. 
Part of me kind of understands how someone would feel the need to do this by way of retribution for the members of the black community who have been shot and killed by the police but instead of targeting the members of the police force who had shot these people, they decided to shoot and kill police officers who were helping the demonstration move through Dallas in a peaceful manner. 
I saw police officers dragging both black and white people out of danger, into safety. Yes I 100% agree we and in particular America does seem to have a big problem with institutionalized racism, which does need to be stamped out as a matter of priority. 
People do need to be seen and be able to have a voice when it comes to the protection of their own against the state, without fearing retaliation from the state or those who have their own agendas. 

Enough is enough, All Blacks Matter, All Blues Matter, All Lives Matter. These is no valid argument any person can put forward to disprove this.

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