Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mobile Blogging

I am stuck. My blog is all set up nicely, I have my own custom URL and am raring to go... Not too far from my laptop because even though I have a "good" Android mobile phone in my HTC 1 there is not a single app in the market that will work on said Android phone.
Don't get me wrong they all install and work nicely, with their bells and whistles and fancy stuff BUT, as soon as I click or push that Publish button, it all comes tumbling down with a variety of "Failed to publish" errors. Trust me I have tried every one I can find and even made a Tweet asking for help about it.

So, for the moment anyway, it seems I have gone back in time to around 2005 when it was almost impossible to write and publish a blog, unless you were sat in front of a computer. 

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