Friday, 4 December 2015

Not In My Name!!

Once again the voices of the populus have not been listened to. Our petitions and demonstrations were ignored and the British Government chose to go to war, against the wishes of the country, the nation it was elected to look after.
A new petition was started today the 4th December 2015, two days after the government ignored the voices of its people, this time the words are stronger, the meaning clear.

We the undersigned, the general electorate of the constituent nations of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland do hereby condemn the actions of the Westminster Parliament and all those who have voted in favour of military intervention in Syria.

You, the elected representatives of Westminster are meant to vote based on the will of the people and on this occasion, like so many others, you have ignored the will of the people.

We seek representation, not enforced power. The distinction being that our government serve at the behest of the people and that the people shall have the right, where that faith and trust is abused, to replace those representatives with alternatives of our choosing in any free and democratic election. We will as a consequence of your actions seek your removal from governance at the earliest opportunity.

Indeed, the current system of Government which we are currently subjected to is neither democratic nor fair. Where a government without a mandate of the majority of the registered electorate choose to impose the equivalent of a declaration of war on the masses who are overwhelmingly against said government, may be construed as forced governance.

Recent events within this union of nations have once again highlighted the inadequacies of the Government of Westminster who cannot be trusted to act in a manner which represents the people, this union, nor its interests; far less the issues that affect the people which you purport to represent.

Despite our relentless endeavours to make our voice heard by democratic means, we have been surreptitiously denied that right, usurped by the very persons to whom we have directed our united dissatisfaction.

 We sign this declaration on the basis that we do not agree with, nor accept the right of MP's to make a decision of this nature without public referenda. We are united in the clear and unequivocal message that you take such action without our support and without our consent. You may take this action, but you do not take it in our name.


The blood of innocent people is on Your hands.

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