Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Never too late.

Dear Diary,
Two days until New years eve and one day until I leave the YouTube network I joined without doing any research. You learn from your mistakes and I certainly have.
Christmas has cone and gone and the kids are back to normal, only helping around the house, or doing anything if it benefits them.
My YouTube channel is starting to loose subscribers again, but this time I am not stressing about it, instead I am using it as an incentive to do more and better.

I am starting to devote more of my time to making better videos, I have even spent the money I got from my wife and in laws for Christmas and my birthday (which hasn't happened yet) on a new camera, its nothing flash or fancy, just an entry level camcorder but it does record in 1080p and has a pretty good mike setup.
So with the new year just around the corner its time to reinvent my self and my channel.
Even at nearly 50 years old, its never too late to be what I could have been.

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