Thursday, 24 December 2015

First official Dear Diary. 24/12/2015

Dear Diary,
Once again I was woken by Sky our new pup, this time at 4am. Yeah 4 in the morning, it wouldn't have been so bad but we didn't get to bed until around 1 in the morning after spending half the night wrapping Xmas presents.

After a bit of a battle we (my wife and I) managed to get the two big ones, DT1 and DT2 out of bed to get a last shop in. Managed to get everything we had on our list this time.

Now for the hard part, getting everything ready for tomorrow, kitchen prepped and as much clutter as possible out if the sitting room. Between the Christmas tree and decorations and the arrival of Sky we have so much clutter in the sitting room, it's unbelievable.
Then we have the remains of the Christmas presents to wrap, want to get them done before silly O'clock so we can have a little relax before the mayhem of tomorrow.


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