Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I Think I Killed my Laptop.

This could not have happened at a worse time, I have dusted off my blog and plan to make more video blogs (for my blog), and my laptop has died on me, it is at the moment an Ex-laptop, it is no more..
Luckily the picture above is Not of my laptop, it`s just a random picture of a busted laptop I plucked from the internet. 

So what happened? Well, there I was earlier today, happily pottering around Minecraft when I noticed that the battery level on said laptop was going down, yet the charger was still plugged in and the power light was still on.. Strange, I thought to my self, as I went through to the power management settings to see if I could see why this was happening. 

Alas I was to late as my battery level started to fall, alarmingly fast, switching my laptop into hibernation, and that's when things started getting all Twilight Zone on me as my laptop restarted by way of fixing what ever it was that was going wrong, again, and again and again, it restarted, until finally it just didn't restart. 

So far I have tried a hard restart by removing all of the peripherals and draining any residual power from the system, nothing.. I have tried to reset the bios, nope,  reset Windows back to factory settings nu-uh, even making sacrificial offerings of random iProducts to the Gods of tech. All to no avail.  

My laptop is sat powerless and void of anything just behind me. I am sure it is under a year old but my wife thinks it is older, either way until it has been revived, I am forced to use what is now the family computer. Awesome. 

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