Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I Do Have Thing's To Say, I Do.

My kitchen is filled with the sound of frying steak as I start to write my first blog post in what seems like forever.
Over the last few years my video blogging has almost ground to a halt, my blogging has become non existent and my social network activity has been scattered and infrequent. In truth I just haven't had anything of importance to say, or at least that was my opinion. That and the copious amount of time I have spent pottering around various Minecraft server's.
At the time of writing this on  my mobile phone it is Internet Safety Awareness Day, I am also half way through a four day Office Admin course being ran by my local college, but why am I telling you this?
As part of the obligatory ice breaking routine on my first day at college I said that the Internet is like a second home to me. Later, this comment got me thinking about what exactly I do when I am on the Internet. I don't blog or vlog as much as I used to, I rarely make any posts in the forums I am in and my social networks have probably forgotten who I am.
Of course there is Minecraft, but even then I am usually pretty quiet there as well.
All of this, yet I am sure that I have lots to say. Admittedly I can't proclaim to be an expert at any given subject, but I do know lots of things about, well stuff.

With this in mind, I am starting over, from the beginning again. I have refreshed ijim.co.uk and made all of the blog posts I have made in the past public again. I am filled with a new vigor and I am determined to be more vocal about things that I have found of interest.

What is ijim.co.uk and my video blog channel ijimtv about? They are about something I am an expert in. "Me" and the things that I believe deserve more air time.

Let's start over.

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