Friday, 24 October 2014

Ello. My First Impressions.

Today I received an invite to the new buzz social network Ello from a friend of mine on Google+, as soon as the invite hit my inbox I booted up my laptop and went through the process of making my account, which was pretty easy, with a minimum of questions to fill in. I have to admit my favourite part was the Ello, prove you are human, which asked me to pick my favourite image of a cat out of three and then place the Ello logo over its face. (Small things)
From Ello
Once my account had been set up, user name created and avatar in place, I sat looking at my stream, void of life except for the updates from the person who had invited me (Thanks +Deven Rue ), faced with the Worlds first problem of being the new kid on a social network I asked myself "What do I do now"? I made a few updates and followed a few people who either seemed to have similar interests as me or I recognised from YouTube and Google+. Now I wait.

At the moment Ello, which is said to have been mainly funded by "Anti-Facebook" people, is still in beta, with new updates being added almost daily, most of which are shown in the "Feature list" where Ello lists all of the updates that they are currently working on.
The layout reminds me of old school computing where everything is black, white and shades of grey, the old school feel is enhanced by the font everything is typed in which I believe is Courier Std, although I could be wrong on this.
 Status updates have no character limits like Twitter and are not filtered, so that you only see updates which the network its self think you should see, unlike Facebook. The stream layout is simple, showing all the updates made my the people you follow (have added as a friend), next to the friends button, shown on the top left of your screen there is a "Noise" button where everyone who Ello considers you to have similar interests or location to you hide, at the moment my Noise area if filled with random people who have little if anything in common with me, that being said I have not posted a lot, don't have many "Friends" or people following me. Once I have been on Ello for a month or two I am expecting things to fall into place.
From Ello
A few days ago the founders of Ello created and signed a charter promising that Ello would never show ads or sell on your data to third parties. Marketing its self as an "Ethical social network" Ello has registered itself as a public benefit corporation in order to ensure that it can never display ads. Having raised $5.5m from venture capitalists in its Series A funding round, the new legal status commits the company to abide by its ethical principals. Source.

From Ello
At the moment Ello is still in Beta and is invite only but I am expecting that to end once everything is in place.
Am I excited about Ello? I cant deny that I am very interested to see what becomes of Ello in say 12 months time and whether it has the same comments made about Google+ being a Ghost town, especially if you consider that Ello has made a contract making it illegal for it to show ads unlike almost every other social network on the internet. 

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