Wednesday, 23 July 2014

iJims Blog: The Story So Far

Everything up until the last three posts (including this one) has been taken from my old blog, kind of vintage posts, posts I want to keep because I either like them lots or because of the work I put into putting them together, a bit like the vintage play list on my YouTube channel. 
I have actually been blogging since March 8th 2008  which is why some of the dates on my older posts go waay back and also why most of my earlier posts have the pictures missing. 

As of today though I am starting to blog again, by way of adding something extra to my YouTube channel iJimTV and visa-versa. I can say things here that I can not get away with saying or would rather not say on my channel. 

So, yeah (as many YouTubers say) Just a little update to put you in the picture. 

Take care of yourself, 
be excellent to each other and don't forget to be awesome.


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