Saturday, 26 July 2014

Getting My Act Together

To have a successful YouTube channel one thing you need is a schedule so that the people who subscribe to your channel know when to expect your latest video to hit the interclicky. 
I have been running iJimTV for about a month and avoiding the idea of having any kind of schedule, too much like a commitment. Over the last two weeks the thoughts of a schedule has been pushing its way to the front of my mind, until today when I have finally accepted that I am committed to iJimTV, iJimTV is my baby and I want it to grow as much as it possibly can. With this in mind I have decided that "for the moment" I will be uploading a new video every Sunday at 4:00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
I am saying "At the moment" because at some point I might start uploading more than once a week, but at the moment I think once a week is enough to start with. 

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