Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lia Fáil Attacked

I feel quite sick at the moment after reading in yesterdays Irish Times that the Lia Fail (The Stone of Destiny) and a National monument has been attacked. The Lia Fail is said to have served as a coronation stone for the High Kings of Tara and is one of the four treasures brought to Ireland by the Tuatha de Danann when the firsat came to Ireland around 3,500 BC. The stone is mentioned in many ancient texts and is considered of great importance. It is said that when the "True" King of Ireland touches the stone the stone will sing.

The Lia Fail Monument in Co Meath
It was reported that the monument was damaged last week. An archiologist from the National Monuments Service has said that the monument has been struck in 11 places on all four faces of the stone and fragments of the stone have been removed. The Garda have been notified.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Deenihan said the national monuments at Tara, which include the standing stone, are nationally and internationally renowned. "These monuments are a fundamental part of our shared heritage and history, and I condemn in the strongest terms the damage that has been caused to this monument," he went on to say.

"I would ask all people to respect and appreciate the importance of our national monuments, and to keep a watchful eye on any in their locality." (Source)

The Lia Fail mentioned here is not to be mistaken with The Stone of Scone or Lia Fail in Scotland which although shares the same name has a different history.

When all is said and done and whether the Garda find who ever did this, I personally won't be satisfied. Someone has taken a hammer and desecrated what is essentially a sacred site. I am one of those people who believe that everything of natural origin has a spirit and places of worship have an energy which empowers that places spirits. It may take a long time before the spirit of the Lia Fail are settled as well as the spirits which ate present in the surrounding area. What the people who do these things don't realise is that this some has been around for 3500 years "before" the birth of Christ. It has seen Kings come, and go, wars and more. It has seen mote history than we will ever know and someone comes along and knocks chunks off it with a hammer. What ever the reason for doing it, it is not good enough. Not for me...

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