Sunday, 6 May 2012

Video Blogging Is Easy.

You would think that video blogging was fairly easy, after all, all you have to do is record yourself saying stuff and upload it to YouTube, simple. Well it would be if you don't think about what your going to say if you don't write a script or notes so you don't end up looking round saying "Umm, urm, yeah so..." once the little red light on your camera shows its self and you don't spend over an hour or more trying to edit out all the bits you don't want people to see, trying to get your 20 minute block buster down to under 5 minutes knowing that it is sure to go viral as soon as it hits the internet.

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Yep video blogging is easy, not like real blogging where you have to sit and write everything down so that it looks and sounds just right, you don't have to worry about spelling mistakes and making sure the grammar is right so the grammar police don't get you.

Then there is the look of your blog, that has to be just right so that it looks pleasing for all your millions of visitors which are sure to stream to your blog once you click on the publish button, and the pictures, geez don't talk to me about having to find the right picture to set off your latest masterpiece and then you have to make sure its not copyrighted, its not like Vloggers have to worry about copyright or anything like that.

Yeah, you video bloggers have it easy.

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