Monday, 5 March 2012

Meeting The Grandchildren.

It's Monday or it is at the moment, if you are in my circles on Google+ or a friend on Facebook you will know that I went to Newcastle on Saturday (no photos I'm afraid sorry).

It was my granddaughters 8th birthday party and the first time I would get to meet her and her three brothers. I took my youngest two with me so they would get to meet their big sister, their nephews and niece for the first time. I could say that I wasn't nervous about the event but I was, not because I would be seeing my daughter and grandchildren but because I would be meeting her family, Granddad, her uncle and probably her mother as well as everyone else and we didn't part on the best of terms.

The train journey was pretty uneventful considering I was sharing the journey with my 2 year old daughter and my over excited 6 year old son who by the way is a train fanatic, on our way to Newcastle we played spot the cow and wondered if the purple horse we saw was really purple or wearing a coat.

After about an hour we arrived it Newcastle Central Station and made our way to the bus stop, after explaining to my son that we were not in a train museum and that all the trains he could see were actually real working trains which was followed by more questions from my son and squeals of excitement. About 20 minutes later and we were on the bus to my eldest daughters and the butterfly's in my stomach has turned into big moths and 20 minutes or so after that we were walking to my daughters house. By this time I was thinking I was going to be physically sick. Luckily my son kept my mind off my nausea by pointing to every house in the street and asking if that was where his nephews and niece lived and his big sister.

When we got to my eldest`s house she was already at the door waiting. Once the introductions were done and my two youngest had their coats took off I was introduced to my daughters Granddad and uncle, this was the bit I wasn't looking forward to if I'm honest but we should hands, exchanged pleasantries and started to chat as if we were reunited acquaintances.

I have to say above anything else I was happy to see my two youngest welcomed by my grandchildren and their family.

I met my grandchildren and we talked and messed about for a while before the doors were opened and all the kids managed to escape to play in the great out doors, leaving the adults to talk about more grown up stuff (yeah like that really happened). I was introduced to everyone again, I think this happened three times all together but it was OK, each time I was introduced as "This is my Dad" which was nice.

We left after a few hours to face an hour or more travel back home which in its self was an experience as the train back was full of half drunk people on their way out clubbing and there was me, stood on a packed train, a 2 year old in her pram and a 6 year old, his "I'm on a train! " excitement made all the greater by the sugar rush he was on. The journey home was relatively event less lucky.

Once back at home and the kids were eventually settled down to sleep my wife went on Facebook and found a message from my eldest saying how our granddaughter can't wait to see us all again and how she has not stopped talking about the games she played with my youngest two.

We are planning to go back to Newcastle this time as a full family outing to spend the day with my daughter and our grandchildren. 

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