Thursday, 1 March 2012

Insert Snappy Title Here...

Its been quite a hectic few days. So much has happened.....

....and by so much has happened I mean that nothing has happened that is worthy of blogging about, actually not much has happened at all.

The power cable for my laptop died last week which meant I had to shelve it as the battery life in said laptop is around three minutes which means it needs to be plugged in at all times. I did however manage to get a new one this afternoon which means I can plod away on my blogs and World of Warcraft while my gorgeous wife works on the desktop computer. So that's a new disk drive for my desk top and a new power cable for the laptop.

In truth I have been fairly busy of late what with one thing and another and still have loads I need to do. Finish decorating my sons bedroom, then move on to the rest of the house, pull down and rebuild the fence at the allotment and get some veg in there, find a job and so on.

To end with I just want to say a quick word about the Google Privacy thing that the news and tabloids are banging on about at the moment. I am a fairly big Google user, I have two blogs on Blogspot (a Google run company), I have a Gmail email address, a YouTube account (which I really should use more) and I am on Google+. So yeah I'm a fairly big Google user. Now I knew about the privacy updates about a month or so back, Google didn't try to hide what they were doing and if they were I'm sure emailing everyone with a gmail address, posting about the update on their blog, putting a pop up on YouTube and posting about it on G+ is trying to hide it then they did a pretty crappy job.
Anyway I am blathering, the thing is as a big Google user, (I don't know about all the other millions of users) but I am not at all worried about the changes in their policies.

In case your wondering, I know that I have not linked G+, Blogspot, YouTube and Gmail. In this case I dont think I need to, if you want the link then Google it :p

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