Sunday, 22 January 2012

Forced Gender Reassignment. Societies Hidden Shame.

A few days ago I shared a story about Maya Posch which you can see here, an Intersex from the Netherlands. It would be foolish to think that she is the only IS person in the world and she isnt, there are many more people just like Maya, all fighting the same battle, to have their gender accepted. If this is not bad enough many IS people are also having to fight against Forced gender reassignment as this email Maya received today shows.

Got an email earlier from a Belgian woman who was born a hermaphrodite (early 1960s), got forced surgery as a child into a 'boy', forced testosterone-injections until she was 21, then transitioned to a 'female'. Chalk up another one for the 'transsexuals' statistics where said transsexual isn't a transsexual at all but a victim of medical practice against intersex. 
Currently she is having the same issues in Belgium as I am in the Netherlands with regards to having her intersex condition acknowledged. Physicians do not 'understand' the issue and there's the insistence that there is no 100% certain way to diagnose someone as being IS. She heard this there and I heard this here as well. Despite both of us being the most clear-cut IS cases you can imagine. What does it take beyond having both male and female reproductive organs to prove that one is intersex?!?
It hurts me so much to read this woman's story and to realize that she has been dealing with it for fifty years already. For me it's been a long twenty-eight years and then I only have to deal with the ignorance of physicians as well as brainwashing attempts into thinking I have to be transsexual and attempts to make me undergo sex-reassignment surgery. I didn't have forced surgery as a young child, thank the heavens...
Why is this happening? What did we do wrong? Why are we suffering? What happened to our human rights? Please help us become human again in the eyes of governments and the medical world again.

This kind of action is being taken by a so called "Civilised society" and is not acceptable in any shape or form. This is nothing more than uneducated people in positions of power forcing their will and beliefs on someone else and has to be stopped.

Maya ended her post on Google+ by asking

Sign & share the below petition. When I'm taking my case to the European Court of Human Rights later this year it will be very useful, as well as with my media contacts. The latter type of contact is also very welcome. If you can bring me into contact with a media channel who is interested in this story, please do.
If you haven't already signed the petition you can click here and do it. Signing will only take a minute or two and could change the lives of so many people.

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