Sunday, 8 January 2012

Beyonce`s New Arrival.

Lets start things off here at Noscere TV on a happy note. It has been confirmed that the singer Beyonce Knowles gave birth to a daughter Ivy Blue Carter yesterday with her husband Jay-Z (Shawn carter) by her side.  from what I have read around the internet so far the birth of Ivy Blue was a natural birth with the exception of E! Online  who said that the singer had booked herself in for a section. I am prone to ignore this as they didnt even get the baby`s name right. If what I have majority of what I have read is correct then this  shows that Mom Beyonce is not "Too posh to push" unlike some who instead book them selves in to a private clinic to have their children by caesarian section.

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z did however make sure their daughter came into the world in a style she will become accustomed to when they allegedly booked the entire 4th floor of the Lenox Hospital in New York City Hospital at a cost of around  $1.3 million under the name Ingrid Jackson on Friday night.

After moving in her own security staff who watched over every door leading to and from the fourth floor to stop anyone who was not family entering. It is also said that they asked that all Doctors and Nurses hand in their mobile phones and cameras and asking that all security cameras on the floor be tapped up so that at least this event was a private one.

It is also said that the entire 4th floor was blocked off, even from doctors from around 11pm Friday night prompting one doctor to complain that he could not see his patient. The only people who were cleared to enter the 4th floor after this were seen bringing in take away food and dozens of bottles of red wine. I am assuming Mom would not be drinking the wine unless she intends to bottle feed Ivy Blue.

Anyway. Welcome to the world Ivy Blue. Of course you had to choose the same day to be born as Noscere TV was launched but I dont mind. 

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