Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What Ever Happened To Christmas Spirit?

What ever happened to the spirit of giving for the sake of it and not to see what you get back? It's what I call the silly season now the season of "good will to all" incase you didn't know and judging from the shopping experience I had yesterday not many people do. With this in mind let's go back to basics.

The Season of good will to all: This is a time where we show good will to those we share our world and our neighbourhood with, it could be as simple as saying good morning to someone you don't know, saying "Thank you" to the shop assistant who has just served you (you do remember how to say thank you don't you?) Or even giving your seat on the bus to an old lady or someone struggling with a baby or their shopping.

Good will is not spending an obscene amount of money on someone just so that you can show everyone how much good will and generosity you have. Good will is not putting your foot down on the accelerator so you can get the parking space that that woman with a people carrier full of children has been struggling to get the right angle for for the past five minutes or pushing past someone with a pram so you can be that bit closer to the checkout with your stuff.

Christmas Cheer: Hmm yeah, if you discount alcohol induced cheer from various office parties and the new tradition of drinking yourself stupid because, well "its Christmas innit" I fail to see any cheer.
Christmas shopping and the lead up to Christmas has been found to raise blood pressure in 50% of Christmas shoppers as they clammer to get the latest gadget or fad toy for little Tommy without realising that their raised blood pressure can lead to hypertension which in some cases can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems, but hey if your lucky you might only get low levels of hypertension which has been linked to migraines, panic attacks and osteoporosis. Source

Peace On Earth: Yeah well we all know that's not going to happen any time soon while we live in a profit orientated society.

It will soon be the end of 2011 and it is my honest belief that we have all forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas its self you can still and should still remember the message that was.

Peace on earth, Good will to all, remember that Christmas spirit that brought about a truce even if it was just for one day on December 25th 1914. You don't remember the Christmas truce? Click here. The irony is that I do remember the true spirit of Christmas and it hurts me when I see what Christmas has become today  where we celebrate and give thanks to the new Gods of Money and Retail by over eating, drinking and over spending as we give gifts of money and debt.
The ironic bit? I'm a Pagan so I don't celebrate Christmas.

With all this in mind I leave you with this thought. 

Happy Holidays to you all no matter what you call your God. 

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