Friday, 16 December 2011

Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me.

 I might be Pagan but my wife and children are Catholic and go to a Catholic school. I am open about what I am and what my beliefs are. My kids know that I am only too happy to answer any questions they might have. 

Moving on, our two youngest boys had their nativity play this afternoon and being the proud Father that I am I went along with my wife to see them. As usual it was a chaotic affair as we stood outside the church in the wind and rain for over an hour until they saw fit to let us in. 1 O`clock came and the doors were opened, the parents pushed and barged their way into the church almost fighting to get the best seats at the front so that they could see their little angels. After about half an hour the school children filed into the church to start their nativity and to tell everyone the "true" message of Christmas.

Obviously some parents had brought their young children with them and the young girl sat next to me was no different as she sat with her 18 month old little girl who was quite happily looking around and looking at me with an expression of abject horror (Woo scary man sat next to me..). Now this lady and her daughter had been stood out in the wind and rain for nearly an hour and then had to sit in a church for another half an hour before anything happened so it was to be expected that her little girl was going to get bored and just a little bit grouchy so it was no surprise when she started acting up and shouting about three quarters way through the play. Most of us managed to ignore her squeals and shouts but of course there were others who should should know better who were complaining to each other and giving the little girls mother dirty looks.

Now I was sat right next to this lady and I didn't mind what her daughter was doing, we have all had to go through it, I know I have so I knew what she was going through. What sealed and spoiled the whole thing for me was when the music teacher stopped what she was doing, bend down towards the young mother and asked her to leave the church, well ok not asked her, told her to leave because her little girl was making too much noise (the little girl was in no way the worst one there). The teacher then stood up and continued to lead the play as if nothing had happened.

Forgive me if I am wrong but isn't Christmas a time Christians remember the birth of Jesus "our saviour"? What ever happened to But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God." Im sure it doesnt say "Jesus called them to him, saying "let the children come to me as long as they dont make too much noise and spoil my nativity play in which case they will have to be asked to leave my church".

Once again our children (as I see it) are geting mixed messages as their teachers teach them the virtues of Christianity while not following the same principles them selves.

Once the nativity had finished and everyone had left the church my wife and I met the young Mother stood outside the church in the pouring rain hoping to see her daughter so she could appologise for not being there to watch all of her school play.

After this I can honestly say that I am proud to be a pagan and happy that I dont have to associate with these types of people any more than I have to, especially at this time of year when people tend to show their true colours.


  1. I always find it amazing that those who tout to be the followers of Christ refuse to follow his teachings. Growing up my mother used to say "when some one claims to be a 'Good Christian' I turn and run away". And its so true. They figure because this mother couldn't keep her 18 month old quite, that they didn't belong in their presence. When Christ, I'm sure, would have been more than okay with it, he probably would have offered to help. It disgusts me how they (and by they I don't mean all) can preach their love of Christ but disgrace him by their actions. And it never seems to be worse than at this time of year. Sad really...


  2. Thank you for your comment Kourtney,
    Some times especially at this time of year I find it ironic in a way that the mentality of most pagans (including me) is probably more Christian than those who claim to follow Christ, in they way we act, think and conduct our selves when it comes to helping others.
    Or is it just me who thinks this?...