Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bhs Evicts Santa

Dear Kids who live in the same town as me,

The big guy who usually cons your Mom and/or Dad out of a few well earned pounds as you wander through our well established and wonderfully fantastic shopping centre (yes I was being sarcastic) will not be available this year. In case your still non the wiser as to who I am talking about, I am talking about the big guy, Santa.

The tradition that has been occurring every year since I have been here of creating an elaborate Santa's Grotto complete with shabby animatronic helpers and the like will not be happening this year after the Super store British Home Stores is alleged to have told the shopping centre landlords that they do not want Santa's Grotto to be built in its usual place which would have been in front of their store.

I could understand if having the grotto in front of their store was blocking the traffic of possible customers or was hiding the fact that Bhs was there but the famous store is still being furbished and is not due to open until January 2012.

Now I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, I believe that it is too commercial with most people and retail outlets thinking more about money and profit than the true meaning, that and the fact that I am a pagan but even I couldn't believe that a retail outlet could be so far up its own arse as to think it has the right to dictate what happens in front of its store before its even open. This place makes Scrooge look like one of Santa's helpers.

Nice going Bhs how to score popularity points with your target customers before your store opens, why not kill a couple of kittens out side your store entrance on your opening day? That will really impress people. 

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