Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Declaration of Independence

Its been a pretty quiet week allotment wise, I have had so much to do over the last week or so that I think I would be lucky if I have spent any more than half an hour there. Saying that I have managed to do some reading on the nights and managed to do some thinking about how I practice my path. With four children I don't get a lot of time so being able to cast circles and honour the quarters before I do anything is just about impossible, there are times I just cant celebrate a Sabbat with any more than a lit candle and a small glass of ale or whisky.

Even now while I'm writing this I am checking on tea while my wife settles our daughter. In short I do what I can when I can, I have rewritten some of my spells and rituals so that they can be done with a minimum of impact on what is going on around me.

I don't have an alter or a besom, if I am honest the only tools I have is my Atheme and two stangs and you know what? It doesn't worry me.

With the coming and going of Samhain I have decided to embrace my Hedgewitch ways, something I should have done some time ago because now, since accepting what I am and how I practice I have never felt better or free-er. For now I am going to leave you with a manifesto written by a Hedgewitch from the Rusty Cauldron group.

So what am I? I think Hedge Witch describes me best right now. I've decided to embrace my hedginess and stop feeling guilty that I don't call the quarters and perform the Great Rite. I don't make sure the moon is in a certain house before I work a spell. Hey, if the situation merits spellwork, then I need it now, now next month when the moon is "just right." I don't think the moon is ever wrong.

What's the point of all this? It's a selfish one, just me screaming my independence into the web, and seeing what echoes back. And what have I decided?

1. I do not need to draw a circle every time I want to say "Hello there, Goddess and God."

2. My 12 inch long athame is not a necessary tool. It is impractical, and could be painful if dropped on my foot. I am getting rid of it. Anyone want it? (Note: I am keeping my Atheme).

3. I can hold a ritual anywhere, without needing any tools. Even with just my mind.

4. I can create a spell anywhere, with anything. Even with just my mind.

5. I will not feel guilty that after 8 years, I still have to look up the meaning of each Tarot card. I was just not meant to be a diviner. I'm keeping the deck though. It's got pretty pictures.

6. I don't have to read the Bible to get a better understanding of Christians, or counter their arguments and debates. It just isn't relevant to me. The only reason I have to read the Bible is to gain greater understanding of English and European classical literature.

7. I'm allowed to be angry when I'm pissed off. Anger can be positive - it can give the right kick in the pants to motivate you to make changes.

8. If I don't celebrate every one of the Sabbats, full moons, dark moons, and quarter moons I will not be struck by lightning.

9. I will not be a fundy-pagan and call all Wiccans white-lighters and fluffybunnies. Note that I said "all." I reserve the right to use these terms for specific individuals who ARE fluffy and white-lighty.

10. I will choose both my words and my battles carefully.

Of course, this may all change. I'm beginning to think that this isn't a Path, it's a river - always flowing, always either changing the landscape or being changed by it. May you and I always keep a firm grip on our paddles.

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