Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm Not Aching

Thought I would have been aching more than this after yesterday, if you read the post a made two days ago about my allotment being "Broken into" You will know I had to cut the tree down at the back of my plot. Well yesterday I bit the bullet and after managing to rope my brother in law (Thanks Brother in law) into helping me, I made my way down there with a set of loppers and a saw in hand.

While we were figuring out the best way to cut the tree down an old guy from three or four plots away popped his head round the gate and offered us the use of a new saw he had just bought, "Its a new one, will cut through those branches easily" he muttered as he handed me the saw.

It took just over an hour to cut down all the branches and move them out the way and about half an hour to try and coble the fence back together. The saw was returned to the old guy and the gate locked behind us.

All this coupled with a night of decorating the kitchen I honestly thought I would have felt like I had been hit by a truck this morning.

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