Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Clearing The Way

Autumn is officially here, the crone aspect of my lady Cailleach Beara walks among us once again, leaves are falling from the trees and the ground is soft and muddy from the rain, I love this time of year. It wont be too long now and the wet ground will be frozen solid and unworkable as the earth sleeps until the spring thaw. 

With this in mind I figure I have about a month to work the ground in my allotment before it turns into a solid permafrost. After spending a few hours picking up the pieces of glass from the greenhouses that used to be there and cutting back the weeds we are starting to see a difference, even the guy from the plot next door said that it is looking a lot tidier now.

 Most of the tall weeds have been cut right back ready to be cut down with a spade when we take the top couple of inches off the top. The worrying thing is the amount of poo we have came across in the top corner, we are not sure whether it comes from an animal or not, it didn't help that we came across a pair of trousers and a jar of Vaseline while we were cleaning this patch up, best not to ask aye? 
 As you can see the fire pit has been raked over and all the little bits of copper wire pulled to one side ready to be bagged up. I have been in touch with the council offices and they have agreed to give us a skip so we can get rid of all the rubbish from our plot, we only need to give them a phone call when we are ready.

Once the scrap and rubbish has been taken away our plot will look 100% better and we will see what exactly we have to work with for the first time since taking it over.
 As I said in my last post one of the first things I wanted to do was to make an area for the compost to go. I managed to make a rough one two days ago out of two railway sleepers that were used to hold the fire in place. The next step is to dig out the mound of dirt that is behind the compost heap so we can see what condition the fence is in, if I'm honest I don't hold a lot of hope for it and am expecting to have to pull the whole thing down and start over.
 The picture below shows the condition of the fence at the moment as well as part of the nice little pile of scrap we have started to collect. The scrap pile is on a concrete floor which is giving me the most nightmares because I have no idea what I can use it for. I don't want to put a green house on it because it is too close to the fence and well within range of sticks, stones and other random things that kids like to throw at glass houses and I don't really want to pull it up and be left with around 10 square foot of stone and gravel. Like I said earlier I will be able to see what I have better once the junk has been taken away. 
 We took today off to get some jobs around the house done, I still have a kitchen to decorate as well as my lil` allotment project. We are planning to go back tomorrow for a few hours (weather dependant). The first job on my list is to put a step in just as you come through the plot entrance. At the moment you have to step up from the grass and mud onto a concrete step which is proving to be a bit of a slip hazard.
Once the step has been put in I am thinking of moving all the scrap and junk into one place ready for a call to the council. Once that lot has been done its back to picking up bits of glass and chopping down the weeds. Still I knew it wasn't going to be easy. 

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