Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kitchen Woes

It's back to basics time in the House of Jim, the builders or should I day builder moved into our kitchen yesterday morning and after the obligatory cup of tea preceded to rip the kitchen units out, the plan is to put new cupboards in, a new sink, move the cooker and skim the walls.The builders are due back in the next 15 minutes or so, with Amy luck when they leave later today we will have the oven reconnect and at least one work top, I think a sink and running water would be pushing my luck a bit.

It's just gone 12 o'clock, the builders are here and we are sat in the sitting room, we can't go in the kitchen for the test of the dsy. The microwave is humming away in the corner as four potatoes get neuked, once done we will heat some beans. (An hour later). I'm hoping that by the end of today we have at least the oven plummed in so that we can cook a decent meal, having a worktop would be nice to but somehow I can't see it. I can cope with having to get the water from the bathroom to wash dishes, saying that I don't want to be doing this for too long. The electrician is here at the moment putting more electric points in, personally I would rather the oven was getting sorted but there you go. They say it will take about two weeks to finish the kitchen so don't be surprised to see s few more kitchen related posts
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